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Korra & Asami’s intimate night of tickling
By MrObscura101

“Morning sleepyhead!” Korra heard the cheerful voice calling to her as she slowly exited the bedroom, still half asleep she rubbed her eyes and stumbled to the kitchen where she had to shield her eyes from the bright sunlight entering from the window
“RRR GFM Morning” she mumbled sleepily in response to her girlfriend Asami Sato who was sitting down on the sofa drinking tea and reading the newspaper. Korra felt a twinge of jealously as she noted that even at this early hour how stunning she looked compared to her own unruly bed head and half-conscious state. Picking up the tea Asami had prepared for her she crashed down on another couch facing Asami with her head down staring down into her drink
“Wow you’re really not a morning person huh?” Asami teased from behind her paper without even looking up
“Uh...brain hurts, need more sleep!” her lover replied grouchily as she slowly drank her tea “Anyway it’s your fault for keeping me up all night!”
“Aw come on now, it’s not my fault you’re so sexy!” Asami peered over the paper and stared at the half sleeping Avatar, wearing only a small blue night shirt and matching underwear which showed off her muscular body, honed by years of training while her long black hair fell messily against the dark skin of her shoulders.

Asami put the paper down and stood up showing off her own lithe body wrapped in a red satin robe which hugged against her frame while also showing off her gorgeous bare legs and feet with their maroon nail polish. Even at this early hour her hair was perfect, so much so that Korra secretly envied her!  Around her neck was a black betrothal necklace with a brilliant blue pendant showing the water tribe symbol. Asami picked up the tea pot from the table and stood behind Korra, she refilled her tea cup then leaned down and started gently kissing her neck
“Mmmm that feels nice” Korra moaned happily
“See I told you moving in together when we returned from the spirit world would be a good idea” she smiled, happy in the knowledge that Korra had chosen her out of everyone in the whole world as she touched her necklace with her free hand. So much had happened in the last few years that she was happy that they would soon be tying the knot to spend a wonderful and happy life together

Asami began rubbing Korra’s neck to relax her along with the occasional kiss, however after a few minutes she pulled away from Korra and stood up fully
“I wish we could stay here like this all day but I have a board of directors meeting in an hour”
“Just call in and say you’re sick!” Korra, now fully awake protested as she turned to face her with a hopeful smile
“I’ve already done that twice this week!” Asami said with a chuckle “Besides you have training at the temple!”
“UH! FINE!” Korra sighed wearily “Have I ever told you that you can be real mean sometimes!”  Asami just smiled and leaned in close again
“Tell you what, I should be home by 6.00, if you can get through today’s training without losing that fiery temper of yours I have a new game for us to play tonight that I think you will enjoy” Korra’s eyes lit up at hearing this
“Oooh like what?” she said gleefully as Asami moved away and began walking out of the room before turning back
“You’ll have to wait and see, but I guarantee we’ll have lots of laughs!” she said with a sly wink then continued walking towards the shower, halfway down the hall she untied the belt on her robe letting it drop to the floor revealing the back of her nude body, she smiled to herself knowing that Korra’s eyes were completely fixated on her as she continued walking

“Oh man.........” Korra thought to herself in frustration as she watched Asami close the door of the shower, “It should be against the law to tease someone like that!” She heard the shower start up and a wicked thought came across her mind, slowly she began moving her hands to manipulate the water in the pipes with her Bending powers. A few seconds later there came a squeal from the shower
“Ooops, sorry sweetie, didn’t mean to!” Korra shouted as innocently as she could while enjoying the sound of Asami’s adorable laughter.

Soon Asami was out of the shower and drying off in the bedroom where she double checked everything was ready for the evening’s game, hiding several objects around the room
“Hope had had fun Korra, because tonight we will see who gets the last laugh!” she said with a grin as she put everything else in a box and hid it in the closet. After getting dressed she kissed Korra goodbye and left for her job running Sato Industries

*Later that day*

“Asami I’m home!” Korra called out as she entered the house and removed her boots
“Hi sweetie” Asami called from the kitchen where she was preparing dinner “I spoke to Tenzin and he said you didn’t lose your temper once today, that’s got to be a record”
“Well, I had some incentive” Korra said as she hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek.
“Well seeing how you kept your promise we can play the game I mentioned after dinner” Asami said as she kissed her back. Soon they had eaten and Korra was eagerly waiting for whatever Asami had planned, she was always good at coming up with inventive scenarios for the bedroom
“Ok Korra, if you go into the spare room you will find some clothes laid out for you already, put them on then meet me back here”
Korra ran to the room and let out a giggle as she saw what Asami had been prepared for her, some blue silk panties with a matching strapless bra and a pair of blue thigh high nylons
“What’s she planning?” Korra thought excitedly as she removed her own clothing and eagerly put everything on, she then checked herself out in a mirror on the wall, flexing her strong arms to show off her muscles before raising them above her head to push out her chest
“Not bad!” she said with a wink as she noticed how well the underwear showed off her well-toned body before returning to the living room
“Ok here I am Asa……mi” Korra’s voice trailed off as she caught sight of Asami standing in the rooms centre
“Ta-da!” She said with a beaming smile “What do you think?” She was dressed in a black leather corset which left her pert breasts exposed, with matching full-length gloves and thigh high boots, a pair of black panties covering her modesty and black thigh high stockings with suspenders, leaving Korra caught completely off guard and at a totally loss for words until she finally managed to speak
“Wow…. just…. wow!” she stuttered, “You really know how to make an impression!”
“Thank you!” She beamed with delight as she tussled her hair with one hand, “You look amazing to! I knew when I saw that outfit that it would be perfect for you!” Asami looked up and down Korra’s almost naked body hungrily, she wanted to take her there and then but she held herself back, there was plenty of time for that!

“So… what’s the plan?” Korra asked in a confused tone, she had thought that she would just be showing off her new lingerie before they went to bed, this was not what she expected at all!
“Oh, you’ll see” Asami smiled as she walked towards the bedroom and gestured Korra to follow, once inside Korra got another surprise, lying on the bed where numerous coils of ropes!
“Uh…. what did you have in mind exactly?” Korra said nervously
“Just something I think you’ll enjoy” Asami said as she shut the door and hugged her from behind, gently kissing her cheek “Look I know it seems a bit weird but I’ve had this idea for a while, I think you will enjoy it but if at any point you want to stop just say so” Korra thought it over, although they had experimented a little with bondage previously it had never been anything more than simple handcuffs, blindfolds or basic hogties. This however seemed to be on another level, plus there was the fact that she normally hated being tied up or being in any situation with a loss of control, however she loved Asami who she knew wouldn’t hurt her and she did want to see whatever it was she had planned…. Finally, after a long pause she took a deep breath
“Ok, what do you want me to do?”
“Well…I’ve always had this particular fantasy….”

A short while later Korra was sitting on the bed with her back pressed against the head board, Asami gently took her muscular left arm by her wrist and stretched it out horizontally along the top of the board where she tied a length of rope around her wrist and the board, once it was secured she tied her elbow to it as well, then repeated this on her right arm. Next, she carefully tied a length of rope around Korra’s waist and the headboard, this had the added effect of making Korra’s chest stick out which pleased her greatly. Now that her upper body was secured in place she took Korra’s left leg and pulled it towards the end of the bed where she tied off her ankle and attached the rope to the leg of the bed and repeated this with her right leg so both with spread apart, then for added security she took some more rope and attached it to her knees and tied them to the sides of the bed. Once Korra was immobilised she put a large pillow behind her head and stood back to admire her handiwork

“Comfortable?” Asami asked as she double checked the knots at her ankles
“Yeah…. I guess” Korra said still a little unsure of her predicament, although she was thankful that Asami had chosen soft ropes specifically to prevent any rope burn
“Ok, can you pull free?” Asami asked, Korra tried pulling her arms and legs free but it was no use, although in reality she could easily summon her powers to bust free at any point she wanted to see what exactly Asami was up to
“Nope, I’m your helpless prisoner” Korra said in a confident tone trying to get into the scenario of being helpless
“Good!” Asami answered happily as she watched Korra to pull at her bonds
“What’s she up to?” Korra wondered as she saw how excited Asami was at her current predicament along with the smouldering look in Asami’s eyes as they ran up and down her body
“Nervous? She asked calmly
“Heh, maybe a little?” Korra said with a small smile, Asami leaned and kissed her softly on the lips
“There’s nothing to worry about, like I said if at any point you want to stop just say so” Korra nodded and Asami climbed off the bed to sit down by Korra’s right foot
“I guess so but I still don’t know what the idea isSSSSSS HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!” Korra squealed as Asami quickly dragged her sharp manicured nails across her nyloned sole
“HA HA HA HA NOOOO FFAAAIIIRRR!!!” Korra shouted as she tried pulling her foot away without success
“Aw what’s the matter? Does the all-powerful Avatar have ticklish feet?”
“HA HA HA YESSS!!! YOOUU KNOOOWWW IIII DOOOO!! HA HA HA!!!!!!!” Korra threw her head back into the pillow as she bucked against the bed although the ropes prevented much movement

Asami was loving this, she had always secretly enjoyed tickling people and seeing Korra who was normally so tough and strong helplessly laughing her head off was greatly turning her on, she began tickling Korra’s other foot with her free hand and kept tickling for a few minutes alternating between tickling random spots and tracing figure eights on her sole before she stopped
“HA HA HA….WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!” Korra demanded as she tried to catch her breath
“Well, you know that fantasy I mentioned?”
“Yes, you said you fantasied about tying me up and ravishing me, you didn’t mention anything about tickling though!”
“Well if I had you would have said no, especially seeing how ticklish your cute feet are! Besides,” she added with a grin “You can always just give the safe word and quit!” she knew Korra would be too stubborn to do that
“Oh, you think I’m gonna back down from THIS? This is nothing! Do your worst!” Korra shouted
“If you say so!” Asami said with a sly wink, inside she was jumping for joy as the challenge had been accepted meaning she now had free reign to tickle Korra to her absolute limits as much as she wanted, before had just been a warm up, now it was time for the main event!

Korra meanwhile was starting to regret not backing out as she noticed a wicked grin star to appear on Asami’s face, instinctively she started thrashing against the bonds again without success
“Oh no my sweet little Avatar, you’re not going anywhere!” Asami declared in her best vamp impression “I have so many plans for you, in fact since I already know how sensitive your feet already why don’t we start by finding out where else your ticklish!”
“HA! Do your worst, I won’t submit to your evil ways!!” Korra declared as she decided to get into character
“Oh really?” Asami said as she climbed on the bed, moving in closer to Korra so that her cleavage was practically in Korra’s face “Is there…. nothing I can do to convince you?” Korra broke character and gulped as she stared at Asami’s chest before composing herself
“Sorry, but the answers still no!”
“Well then, I will just have to force you!” With that she dug her nails straight into Korra’s vulnerable sides making her jump from the unexpected tickle attack
“Name calling won’t help you!” Asami retorted as she slowly poked around Korra’s ribs

“Gee, I wonder if these strong, sexy muscles are ticklish at all?” She said as she began prodding Korra’s abdomen
“Ha ha…. no, they aren’t!” Said Korra with obvious panic
“You’re a terrible liar you know!” and with that she dug her nails into her washboard stomach, despite her strength Korra could only laugh helplessly as Asami’s nails tickled every part of her six pack
“Coochie coochie coo little Avatar!” Asami said mockingly as her nails cruelly traced the outside of her belly button making her laugh harder and harder, Korra then breathed in sharply as she dug her index finger deep into it and started poking around
“MMMMFFFFFFF!!!!!” Korra shut her eyes and mouth and shook her head from side to side as she tried desperately to fight the urge to laugh “DON’T LAUGH, DON’T LAUGH, DON’T LAUGH!!!!” she thought over and over as her face turned redder and redder. Then Asami placed her lips on her belly button and blew on it, the resulting raspberry tore open the floodgates
“HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO STTHAHAHAHAPPPPP IITTTTTT!!!!!” Korra screamed, she tried bucking around to throw Asami off but the ropes on her waist prevented her from doing so as Asami took to kissing and blowing raspberry’s all over her taunt stomach
“Looks like I found me another weak spot! I wonder how many more I can find!” Asami said as she finally let up leaving Korra’s belly button covered in several lipstick marks

Once Korra had stopped laughing Asami began thinking of where to go next, then it hit her and she moved to sit directly facing Korra. As she was mentally preparing for another tickle attack Korra was totally caught off guard when Asami reached behind her and undid the knot holding her bra on
“HEY!” she cried out as her now loosened bra came free and Asami casually threw it over her shoulder where it landed on the floor, her large breasts now exposed and helpless
“Hello my pretties!” Asami purred as she began slowly kneaded them in her hands, making Korra’s breath quicken. She then used her thumbs and index fingers to tenderly massage her nipples making them quickly harden “Very impressive my little Avatar, I wonder how they taste” Asami poked out her tongue and moved closer
“OH NO DON’T YOU DARE!!” Korra screamed in protest but it was too late as she let out a short gasp before starting to laugh and trying to buck around again. Korra practically melted as she felt her lover’s warm tongue gently glide all over her pert nipples, any attempt to fight had vanished as she just sat there moaning in pure pleasure, it increased dramatically when Asami placed her whole mouth on her left nipple and planted a long, wet kiss on it making her cry out even louder, soon she broke off and repeated this on the right side making her throw back her head and close her eyes with even more moaning. Asami knew Korra was now putty in her hands but she wanted more, more laughter, more begging, more screaming! She had to keep going!

“OWWWWWWWWW!!!!” Korra cried out as Asami lightly pinched her sensitive nipple completely pulling her out of the pleasurable moment she was just in “WHAT WAS THAT FOR???!!!!!”
“Well I don’t want you to forget why you’re here little Avatar!” She began lightly stroking the pained nipple again making Korra try and pull back before she could laugh “Want me to kiss it and make it all better?” Korra looked down at her both nipples which were now covered in several lipstick kisses
“Yes please” she said with her best pouting face
“Hmm…. maybe later!” Asami said as she moved to sit at Korra’s right side “Let’s see how you taste…here!” Korra let out a squeal of laughter as Asami’s mouth zeroed in and began kissing her underarm, she instinctively tried pulling her arm down but couldn’t with the ropes holding her
“DAMN IT SHE REALLY THOUGHT THIS THROUGH!” Korra thought exasperatedly as Asami’s forethought in planning all this! However, “HA HA HA HA GEETTT AWWAYYY HA HA HA HA!!!!” was all that she could verbalise at this point as Asami began running her tongue expertly along her sensitive armpit leaving a trail of saliva behind her, to make things worse Asami then moved her hands around her upper body so she could also start tickling her sides again, Korra was shaking around so much that Asami had to be careful to avoid being headbutted by the laughing Avatar, she gracefully wrapped her legs around Korra’s waist so she could feel her bucking about between her legs which only served to turn her on more, making her keep licking and tickling away to keep Korra bucking around creating a vicious cycle

Finally, Asami broke off as Korra’s had turned to silently laughing, she waited until Korra regained some of her composure
“HA HA HA *GASP* THANK YOU! I COULDN’T BREATH! HA HA!” she said as she looked at Asami with a big grin and tears running on her cheeks
“Oh, I wasn’t being nice!” Asami said in mock-cruelty “I just didn’t want you to pass out before we’ve finished!” Korra was excited but also nervous as to what she meant by that! As if to answer Asami moved off the bed and returned to sitting by her helpless feet
“OH NOOOOO!!!!!” Korra weakly cried out, she was frequently barefoot around the house and Asami would always sneak in a few tickles which always made her jump, now she was completely helpless for Asami to tickle her as much as she wanted “NO PLEASE DON’T! I CAN’T TAKE THAT!”
“And you think I care?” Asami taunted back, fully embracing her role of dominance as she watched Korra’s feet wildly start moving about to avoid being tickled, she picked something off the floor from under the bed that she had left there earlier then put grabbed Korra’s foot in an armlock

“Ready or not here I come!” She teased as she slowly raked a hairbrush across Korra’s nyloned sole, the bristles against the sheer nylon sent Korra into spasms of laughter
“That’s the idea sweetie!” Asami calmly answered as she released her armlock and prepared to get both feet at once
“He he please don’t! Korra started to beg already as she began giggling in anticipation of the tickling,
she tried desperately to pull her feet away but the ropes constantly hindered this, Asami took a moment to enjoy the spectacle of Korra’s toes wiggling around widely in the nylons, then she began to draw random patterns across her soles with her nails making Korra cry and beg for mercy, soon Asami changed tactics again as she moved closer to her right foot and planted several kisses on her arch making Korra laugh and moan simultaneously, then she used her teeth to rip open the nylon leaving her barefoot ready for more tickling, she then tore open the nylon at the other foot leaving both of them bare

Asami knew that Korra was secretly embarrassed by the fact that her feet were larger than average when compared to most other women but to Asami they were perfect, wide soles with deep arches and short, cute little expressive toes and best of all EXTREMLY ticklish! she gazed at them intently while she plotted her next move, before grabbing a feather from under the bed and running it horizontally across both arches for a few minutes then Asami proceeded to tickle and kiss both soles at once.
“Ha ha SERIOUSLY?!” Korra shouted out as Asami’s tongue continued exploring ever part of her feet, focusing on the wrinkles of her arches. Korra was trying her best to sound brave but Asami wasn’t fooled for a minute! She grabbed Korra’s left ankle and proceeded to suck and nibble each individual while also using the brush again on her right foot

Korra could hardly speak now as Asami continued torturing her, as Asami had already noted at the start her feet were incredibly ticklish, this time however she wanted to try something else as well and she reached under the bed where she had hidden a riding crop
“HA HA HA! OWWWWWW!!!!” Korra continued laughing until the crop smacked against her helpless sole followed by more tickling “HA HA HA WHAT WAS THAT??!” Korra exclaimed in a mix of laughter and pain
“Just a new toy I wanted to try out on you, don’t worry you’ll soon learn to love it!” Asami answered with another few smacks to both soles, each one leading to an anguished scream from the bound Avatar.

Soon Asami allowed Korra a break, as she lay there trying to regain her strength Asami slowly kissed up and down her tender arches where the crop had struck which felt very good to Korra
“Mmmm that’s nice, why don’t you just forget the rest and just keep doing that all night” Korra asked hopefully but Asami stopped kissing and answered
“Maybe later, right now we have other things to attend to!” she picked up a bottle of massage oil off the floor and poured a generous helping over both feet, Korra’s feet squirmed about as the liquid ran in between her toes and down her arches and heels. Once they were ready Asami picked up the hairbrush from before and dragged it across her left arch. Korra instantly burst out laughing at the increased tickling sensation and tried desperately to pull her legs free from the bonds as the brush and Asami’s nails kept up the torment upon her oiled up soles

Asami continued to drink in Korra’s laughter and pleas until she finally decided it was time to move to a new spot, with that she stood up and slowly removed her boots showing off her shapely legs in their black nylons, she then got onto the bed and lay down on her back in the space between Korra’s spread apart legs, she lifted her own legs up and placed the soles of her delicate, slender feet onto Korra’s breasts which she then began rubbing them against her nipples, Korra breathed in sharply as she felt the sheer nylon fabric brush against her skin
“Ohh that fells soooo good!” Korra said loudly as Asami pointed her toes out and used them to caress her breasts sending Korra wild with desire, then without warning Asami moved her feet to Korra’s underarms and wiggled her toes
“HA HA HA HA!!!!!” Korra instantly tried thrashing around again, she was so involved in the tickling that she failed to notice Asami’s hands move towards her tied feet
“HA HA HA OHHH COOOMMMEEEE ONNNN!!!!!!!!” Korra screamed in exasperation when Asami again dragged her nails down her bare arches, they were still covered with oil allowing her nails to glide all over them with ease
“HA HA HA ITTTTSSS TOOOO MUUUCCHHHH!!!!” Korra tried to beg for a respite but Asami decided to play dirty, as she brought her left foot down and slowly wiggled her toes against Korra’s panties
“OH! OH OH NOOOO! NOT THAT! COME ON THAT’S NOT FAIR!!” she said clearly trying to hide just how turned on she was but Asami wasn’t fooled for a moment, she could feel how excited Korra’s body was getting

“You know little Avatar I think you’re actually enjoying this but you’re too afraid to admit it” Asami said while continuing to torture her all over
“HA HA HA NOO!!! THAT’S CRAAAAZZZYY! IIIII REEAHAHALLLLYYY DOONNNTTT!!!!” Korra tried to protest which was difficult as Asami was expertly playing with her body! Asami stopped tickling and climbed over to be face to face with Korra, she brushed some loose strands of hair out of her face
“Oh, I bet you do little Avatar, I bet you’re a real tickle slut and that you want me to tickle you until you orgasm” Korra’s eyes grew wide in shock at this statement as she looked straight at Asami
“You-You’re crazy, I don’t want that at all!” She wasn’t sure if she was trying to convince Asami or herself of this though
“Really” Asami said as she put her hand down Korra’s panties “Because your body is telling a different story!” she continued with a smirk “How about we test my theory?”
“YOU WOULDN’T?!” Korra shouted in a panic, once again breaking character but Asami didn’t care, she climbed off the bed and began to slowly strip in front of Korra, first removing her corset and gloves leaving her in her just her lingerie, then that came off to, Korra found herself getting even more turned on at the striptease show despite her own frustration from the torture. Now fully nude Asami took a small pair of scissors and cut open the two strands at Korra’s hips that kept her panties on, Korra could only watch in horror as they fell away leaving her very obviously wet mound on full display. Asami opened a drawer on the bedside nightstand and took out 2 large white feathers she had hidden there earlier before sitting down on the bed in a yoga pose facing Korra and holding them up menacingly
“Still want to be defiant? Or will you submit to me now?” she asked calmly
“NEVER YOU FIEND!” Korra screamed out, she could see that Asami was clearly enjoying being dominant and she didn’t want to take that from her, even though she knew what was coming next. Asami pulled Korra’s head towards her and kissed her forcefully then threw her head back against the pillow with a soft thud
“Your choice little Avatar!” With that she laid down on her stomach facing Korra’s privates and began slowly stroking her clit with one of the quills

The reaction was instantaneous as Korra’s voice got higher in desperation and laughter
“HA HA HA HA!! GEETTT OOFFF!!!! HA HA HA GEEETTT AWWAYYY FRROOOM MMEEE!!!!!” she screamed as she tried moving out of the feathers reach and its slow teasing of her sensitive clit
“Aw does my poor little Avatar have a ticklish kitty? I can tell you do by how wet you are Korra!” she continued to stroke the feather against her clit again making her howl with laughter “Do you want a release? I bet you do!”
“HA HA HA NOOOO WAAAYYYYY!!!!!!” Korra screamed, she refused to surrender!
“Well that’s your choice! Maybe I’ll ask again in an hour!” Asami grinned as she teasingly brushed the feathery tip against her mound once more
“You say that now but I have all night to break you! No-ones coming to save you little Avatar!” Asami kept on stroking the feather against her clit to the wonderful sound of Korra’s laughter, she was enthralled as she watched her lover’s face contort in a wonderful mix of ecstasy and anguish, she knew Korra was close to an orgasm now so she dropped the feather and sat up to begin lovingly kissing her rock-hard nipples again sending a shiver down her body as she shut her eyes and let out a moan
“OHHHHH THAAATTSS SOOOO GOOOODDDD!!!! DOOONNNTTT STTOOOPPP!!!!!” Korra pleaded but Asami had other plans as she picked up the crop again, Korra had closed her eyes and failed to see it in time

“OWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Korra shrieked as it struck her left nipple with a loud *SMACK* “THAT HURT!”
“That’s the idea” Asami said with a smirk as she focused on kissing and sucking her left nipple while simultaneously using the crop on her right one, Korra was now torn between pleasure and pain, right on the threshold between the two. Asami’s lips and tongue felt incredible but the stinging pain at the same time was intolerable, and to add to the mix was the growing orgasm building rapidly between her legs….
*SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* came three rapid fire hits, each one making her scream out in pain
“Aw what’s the matter, I thought you were supposed to be the toughest Avatar ever?” Asami said mockingly
“No-one said it would be fair sweetie, but you could always quit if it’s too much”
“NO WAY!” she shouted out defiantly, there was no way she would give Asami the satisfaction, then she screamed out as the crop struck her again.  

Soon Asami switched sides, Korra realised the pain and tenderness on her right nipple after the crop was quickly offset by Asami’s attentive kisses to it, she slowly sucked on it for a few moments as well making her shudder, but no matter how good this felt it was soon interrupted by the pain from the crop’s return to her other nipple. After a lengthy amount of time of this with Asami frequently alternating sides she moved down so that she was again lying face down on the bed staring at Korra’s again, without a word she began tickling her inner thighs with her nails making Korra squeal, although she was secretly relieved that the crop wasn’t currently in use. Then she moaned loudly again as the feathers once more started grazing gently against her clit
“Where’s all that defiance now Korra? It seems like your otherwise preoccupied” Asami mocked her but Korra was too busy dealing with the sensation between her legs to answer
“HA HA HA OOOHHHHH HA HA HA HA STHHHAAPPP!!!!!” She begged as she shook against the bedframe
“Oh, you want me to stop huh?” Asami said cruelly as she pulled the feathers away
“HA HA HA NOOOO!!!!!! THHHAAAATTTSSS NOOOTT WHHAATT III MMEEEAANNNTTT!!!!” Korra couldn’t believe she wanted the feathers back but they had felt so good against her and without them she was desperate for their return so she could climax! Asami let her writhe around for a few moments and listened to her frustrated cries before returning the feathers against her mound, Korra bucked around as best she could upon their return
“HA HA HA HA OOOOOHHH NOOOOOO!!!!! NOOOO DOOONNNTTTT!!!!!”  Korra pleaded as the feathers continued teasing her, then she moaned again as Asami leaned in and began kissing her inner thighs
“OOOOHHHH NOOOOO!!!! HA HA!!!! THHHISSSS ISSSNNNTTT FAAAIIIRRRR!!!!!” Korra tried protesting as her body began craving an orgasm
“Your point?” Asami asked pointedly as she let go of one feather and started tickling her nipple with her free hand. Jumping at Asami’s touch, she realised how close Korra was to surrendering to her
“Perfect! She’s almost ready to beg!” Asami thought gleefully as she moved in for her killing stroke

“ooooHHHAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Korra screamed out as Asami leaned in closer and used her tongue to make contact with her clit, she trashed about like a woman possessed but Asami ignored her and kept on licking away, sometimes making the lightest of contact and other time with longer ones. Korra’s felt like she had now been struck by lightning, the entire night had been building to this crescendo as her mind was slowly overloaded with pleasure, she realised this was Asami’s plan all along. How long had this been going on anyway? She didn’t care, she just knew her poor body needed a release desperately! Finally she swallowed her pride and cried out

“So…. you…. admit….defeat?” Asami asked between deliberately slow licks
“HA HA HA HA YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! PLEASE NO MORE!!!!!!!! IIIII NNNEEEEDDD TOOOO CUUUMMMMM SOOOOO BAAADDD  ALLLRRREEEEADDDYYYYYYY!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA PLLLLEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!!!!” she begged with tears streaming down her face. Hearing this Asmai obeyed as she used a few more feather strokes to finally tip Korra over the edge. She practically exploded with pleasure as she climaxed with a powerful orgasm, possibly the biggest of her life. Her eyes glowed a brilliant blue with pure raw energy as she did making Asami afraid she might bring down the entire house! After several more orgasms Korra was finally finished and hung limply against the bedframe with only the ropes keeping from crashing down. Asami checked she was ok and planted a long, gentle and passionate kiss on her mouth
“Well done Korra, you were wonderful” she said as she finally broke off the kiss. Korra was far too spent to answer but nodded weakly with a huge smile on her face while tears ran down her cheeks and her hair was stuck to her sweat covered brow

Asami hugged Korra tightly as she sat in Korra’s lap and wrapped her legs around her waist, they sat there and began kissing each other for about ten minutes in near silence except for the occasional moan until Asami finally spoke
“You know as good as you look right now how about I get those ropes off you?”
“Yeah, then I can show you just how much I appreciate being tied up and tickle tortured all night! Korra said with a sly wink as she wiggled her fingers menacingly at Asami
Asami started untying her wrist when they heard a voice from outside the room
“Korra? Asami? Are you in here?” Asami realised in a panic that the voice belonged to their friend Opal Bei Fong who was visiting for the week
“OH NO HOW COULD I FORGET?” Asami thought angrily at herself, she had been so preoccupied with making tonight’s preparations that it had totally slipped her mind! She and Korra sat there dumbfounded as the door handle slowly turn as Opal continued talking, blissfully unaware of the situation she was about to find
“My train broke down in the middle of no-where for the last few hours so I only just arrived in the city, I’m pretty tired so I just wanted to say hi before I go to bed”
“OPAL NO!!!!!” They both screamed but it was too late, Asami cursed herself for not locking the door as it swung open
“Uh….” Opal froze as she went bright red and her eyes opened as large as possible as she was greeted to the sight of her two friends sitting on their bed both naked, one of them tied up and clearly in a state of post orgasm bliss
“We…. can explain!” Korra shouted out but it was too late as Opal quickly slammed the door shut followed by the sound of her running back to her room
“Oh no… I completely forgot about her visit!” Asami said as she slapped her forehead in anger at this unfortunate turn of events
“Well…hopefully we didn’t scar her for life or anything!” Korra added trying to be positive about the whole thing, there was a long pause until she continued
“Look, the best thing we can do is let her get some sleep and speak to her in the morning!” Asami nodded as she tried to think of how they might best explain the situation. Korra meanwhile tried to catch Asami’s attention
“So…. uh…. do you think you can untie me now please? After all I think I shower would be nice right now and I can show you just how much of a tickler I can be!” she moved her hands and Asami heard the shower turn on by Korra’s Bending powers, Asami grinned excitedly at seeing Korra was ready for another round and she began untying Korra as quickly as possible to continue the game

The End?
Korra and Asami's intimate night of tickling (LOK)
An idea I've had for quite a while of Korra & Asami that I decided to finish in honour of Pride Week

"Some time after returning from their spirit world trip Asami decides to introduce Korra to a long night of tickling & bondage"

This takes place after Book 4 when Korra is canonically 21 and Asami is 22

Korra & Asami are owned by Nickelodeon/Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko

Please enjoy and comment :-)

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Nebula's Tickling Punishment by Ayesha (Guardians of the Galaxy 2) - Part 2
by MrObscura101

For the first week of captivity Nebula was subjected to daily sessions of 8 hour of tickle torture followed by a 4-hour break period, almost all these would be handled by Ayesha personally but occasionally the bots would be left to handle things if she had other matters to attend to. Each bot would tickle Nebula in a pre-determined spot as programmed by their leader. All of Nebula’s activities were constantly recorded and Ayesha would review any sessions that occurred without her and note anything of interest, even after the second week ended however Nebula still refused to fundamentally change and she would still need to be stunned before each session and swear blind at her the whole time together


During her downtime Nebula would sit in her small cell dressed only in a brown prisoner’s smock that went down to her knees to cover herself, her useless cybernetic right arm hung like a dead weight due to the constant EMP barrage disabling it. Three times a day she would be fed a thick mushy protein paste with no discernible taste, it had made it clear to her that as a prisoner she should expect no comforts so there were no books to read or holovids to watch for entertainment, all she could do was await the next session and try to think of a way out. If she refused to eat it would lead to being force fed along with an extra tickle therapy session, in fact refusal to follow any of the prison rules would mean extra tickle punishments being added to her sentence

That bitch Ayesha had even incorporated showering into her daily "therapy” as at the end of each session in the chamber a large robotic orb would hover towards her, four tendrils would extend from it which would magnetically connect with her wrist & ankle cuffs and she would be lifted off the ground, then several more tentacles would appear from the orb where some would remove her clothing while the others would release a stream of high pressured jets of soapy water that would pinpoint certain spots such as her underarms, feet and navel which tickled her already exhausted blue body like mad before several scrubbing brushes would proceed to meticulously run over every single spot of her nude body, they tickled badly enough on their own but combined with the soapy water they made her bare skin feel like it was on fire! The whole process would take over an hour before the robot would redress her and carry her limp body back to her cell to rest up for the next session, most times if Nebula had managed to stay awake for the whole session the “shower” would be enough to make her pass out

Most humanoids would break after 3 weeks of this kind of daily torture but Nebula, based on a combination of her own rage and a lifetime of refusing to give up when fighting would not give in, she still had to be stunned before each session and the guards would find her each morning pressed up against the cell bars with her arms reaching out ready to try and throttle them if they approached her so they always kept well out of her reach. Ayesha reviewed the data of Nebula’s progress with great concern

“3 weeks without any improvement in temperament” she said to herself sadly. However, she noted that Nebulas body still responded well to every session so the tickling was proving effect

“I just need to amp things up….” Ayesha thought as she summoned her chief scientist


Nebula awoke from the stun blasts once more to find herself in the chamber bound to the table in the nude. Ayesha approached her

“Don’t you ever get sick of this?” Nebula asked in a mocking tone, the fact that Ayesha was clearly annoyed that she hadn’t succeeded in breaking her made Nebula laugh

“No but you will come around soon, I’ve realised that giving you so many breaks is interfering with the therapy, therefore from now on you will only get a single break of 2 hours per day AND you will be cleaned twice a day now as well.” Nebula felt nervous at this, maybe she had gone too far she thought but she still refused to be intimidated


Ayesha then silently held out her hand which had something in it, she then turned her hand over and the thing she was holding fell straight down onto Nebula’s stomach, it was a small viscous lump of a thick black substance that landed with a squelching noise at it touched her bare flesh, it was cold making Nebula let out a gasp of shock, she tried moving her body around to throw it off but it seemed stuck in place, she then noticed Ayesha was leaving the chamber

“HEY WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!” she yelled but got no answer as the chamber door was closed and locked. Nebula continued trying to force the blob off but to her shock she then felt it begin to move on its own! Slowly it began moving and expanding itself across her entire stomach which was soon completely covered in a cold black liquid, it then began moving out in all directions, upwards towards her breasts, downwards past her pubic area and continuing towards her legs and also around her sides enveloping her behind and then her back and backs of her legs

“ARRGGHHH GET OFF OF ME!” she shouted to the black liquid as it continued spreading across her entire body making her visibly shiver as it touched every new bit of flesh, by the time it finally stopped her whole body from her head to her feet was covered in the liquid except for her face and even her cybernetics had been covered up, once she was almost totally covered it began compressing so it could conform to her body showing off every curve of her nude form. Nebula tried trashing about to remove this bizarre second skin but it refused to budge and any time she managed to make any kind of tear in it the suit would just repair itself instantly, after a while Nebula had exhausted herself trying to get free so decided to just wait for whatever Ayesha had planned


It was deadly quiet in the Chamber as only Nebula’s breathing echoed round the room, she stared up at the ceiling to a large mural of the Sovereign race wondering if this was the break session Ayesha had mentioned and if so what was with the weird suit? Nebula then grunted as she felt something graze slightly against her left underarm, she quickly looked but there was no one in the room besides her, then suddenly she felt another jolt as something touched her right foot but again there was no-one there, then she began laughing loudly as something began tickling both her sides at once

“HA HA HA SHOOOWWW YOOOURRRRSEEELLLFF YOOOUUU COOWWWWAAHAHARRRDDD!!!!!” she demanded but the invisible tickler kept on going, the tickling stopped at her sides then began on her breasts and feet all at once! Nebula screamed at this combined assault

“HAHAHA NOOO!!!! GEEETTT AWWWAAYYYY!!!!” she begged but this new assault continued, every single ticklish spot on her body was exploited, even along her neck and ears which she found out were ticklish areas to!


Finally, the tickling slowed down as a breathless Nebula heard the door being opened

“W…w…what is this, wha’ts going on?” She struggled to ask the approaching Ayesha

“It’s called the ‘TIXAL’ an intelligent bio suit that contains thousands of micro sized metal spheres within it that I can set to vibrate in strategic places all over your body to any speed I choose, I just showed you some of your most ticklish areas from our last few sessions. The suit never tires, never needs a break and never needs to be called away on political business. I hope you like it because you and it will be spending a lot of time together from now on!
“Noooo…….” Nebula meekly cried as Ayesha showed off a small remote

“Here, let me show you all your worst spots tickled on maximum” she pressed a button and a low hum could be heard as the suit powered up

“HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!!!!!!!” Nebula screamed, she lasted exactly 48 seconds before blacking out


Once Nebula regained consciousness Ayesha spent the next few hours torturing her with the suit, she never even had to get up from her chair as she used the remote to tickle her worse than ever before. As Ayesha had said the suit never tired out so it could tickle specific areas or her whole body at once for as long as Ayesha wanted. First her breasts and nipples were targeted on a teasingly low setting before moving down to her navel to be tickling including 10 minutes focusing on just her belly button and then on to her feet including 20 mins of tickling just in between her toes, no matter what Nebula did she couldn’t avoid the feeling of the spheres vibrations on her tender flesh, worst of all was that the suit also scanned her body the whole time it was being used and it would lessen the tickling if it detected she might pass out to ensure she remained conscious to prolong her torment and no amount of begging or pleading would deter Ayesha from continuing the session. In fact Ayesha didn’t say a word to Nebula the whole time, rather she was just taking notes on how the new treatment was working out, at least until she got tired of Nebula’s near constant swearing and tapped a few commands into the remote, soon the liquid skin expanded again to completely cover over her mouth leaving only her eyes and nose free, the suit was thick enough to prevent any sound from escaping as Nebula could only look at Ayesha with huge, pleading, tear stained eyes silently for mercy that would not come until the session was over


As Ayesha had promised Nebula now found her daily punishment increase with fewer breaks and more tickling, she would wake up in her cell wearing the TIXAL suit until the guards came, they would lock down the suit for transportation which effectively trapped her in a thick cocoon of unbreakable living liquid with only her head left free, before carrying her struggling and screaming body to the chamber where she would have to endure the first barrage of tickle torture for several hours with a short stop for the cleaning bot to do its job, during this the suit would open exposing sections of her skin to be cleaned then instantly reseal once done, this was then followed by more tickling until her two hour break where she would be feed and could recuperate before the tickling resumed again until she either passed out or the session finally stopped for the day and the bot would clean her again regardless of whether she was awake or asleep then she would be returned to her to the cell, several times during the night the micro spheres would activate in random spots along her body set on the lowest setting, just enough to keep her giggling and cursing at Ayesha who she knew was responsible as all the events were recorded via a hidden camera for Ayesha to monitor her progress


After 2 weeks of this renewed torture Nebula could hardly think straight, her life was now a constant cycle of tickle torture and rest breaks and there was nothing she could do or say to stop this as she continued to carry out her sentence to the psychotic (in her mind at least) Sovereign. Ayesha reviewed the data one evening and was pleased to see Nebula’s profane outbursts had reduced 5% since the introduction of the suit, current projections showed if this level of tickling was kept up then within 4-6 months her violent ways would be gone permanently

“That’s impressive, however I think I can do better!” Ayesha thought to herself as she set out tomorrow’s plan.


Nebula awoke and was surprised to find herself in a different room, rather than the dark chamber this room had wood panelling and paintings on the walls along with numerous shelves of books and several large candles lighting the room, she was tied spread eagled to a large round bed with sheets of gold and blue. Soon enough the suit activated focusing only on the soles of her feet making her try and supress her laughter but soon enough the suit began on her underarms as well making her start laughing wildly. After a short spell, they stopped

“Hello Nebula, how are we feeling today?” came Ayesha’s voice as she entered, turning to her left Nebula saw her tormentor standing by the bed with a golden cloak draped around her body fastened with an ornate clasp

“Where are we!” Nebula demanded

“My own private quarters, I decided it would be beneficial to give you a more “intimate” treatment session today.” Hearing this Nebula got defensive and began struggling at her bonds

“YOU’RE A PSYCHO! WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS SUIT I’M GONNA….” she was cut off as the suit adjusted itself to gag her but she still kept screaming and refused to let play along with whatever this gold-plated bitch had planned

“Now, now I’m trying to help you Nebula, if you’ll let me” she said as Nebula continued trying to scream through her gag while Ayesha undid the clasp on her cloak allowing it to fall off her graceful shoulders revealing her nude, golden body, Nebula looked at her in shock “But it seems you still need further work”

“WHTS WRNG WFTH YU?” Nebula tried to say while being totally caught off guard by Ayesha’s nudity

“You should consider yourself privileged you know, very few beings have had the pleasure of seeing me like this”

“GT AWY FRM MF!!!!!!!” she growled as Ayesha gently stroked her face


Ayesha just ignored her as she walked to the foot of the bed and programmed the suit to open up below her ankles exposing her bare feet, Nebula growled angrily as Ayesha slowly started to gently kiss them but instead of her normal torturous attacks however she just kept on slowly kissing and caressing every spot of her blue soles, Nebula sound that this felt nice compared to the normal tickling she would be receiving but she still tried to pull away from Ayesha’s tongue without much success, Ayesha then activated to suit to vibrate all over her entire body on its lowest setting to massage her just as she started kissing each of Nebula’s toes one by one. She took note of how Nebula’s reactions had slowly begun to change and it was clear she was enjoying this with no screaming or swearing but rather she was moaning lightly.

“You know Nebula,” *KISS* “If you want,” *KISS* “I could arrange for you,” *KISS* “To have treatments like this every day,” *KISS* “Instead of the tickling sessions” *KISS* she paused as she moved over to the other foot and resumed the kissing

*KISS* “What do,” *KISS* “You think,” *KISS* “Of” *KISS* “That?” *KISS* she looked up and saw Nebula nodding so she removed the suits gag with the remote

“Well?” she asked hopefully as Nebula took a deep breath

“QU’VATLH!” she screamed with a smug grin, she took great comfort in the shocked look on Ayesha’s face “You think I’m gonna fall for that crap you bitch!?”


Ayesha simply sighed as she stood up and spoke, trying to hide her anger at Nebula’s insolence

“Very well, in that case from tomorrow I’m going to increase to length of your sessions AGAIN but for tonight I’m going to have some fun with you completely off the record, you’ll find that however cruel you think I have been in the past you will find out the I can be even worse!” before Nebula could protest about this the suit’s gag returned in place and her feet were covered up again, Ayesha then climbed onto the bed and laid down next to Nebula, her golden skin contrasting with the black suit Nebula wore, Ayesha held the remote right up to her angry blue face

“Hmm, soooooo many options” she said teasingly, “Let’s try this one first” Nebula tried to scream as the suit activated its highest setting all over her feet which were still sensitive from Ayesha’s earlier worship. Despite knowing it was useless she still instinctively opened and closed her toes to try and catch the micro balls and stop them but it was impossible, as this was going on Ayesha also opened the suit at her navel and began running her nails and tongue all over her belly button causing Nebula to try and swear at Ayesha but to her frustration she was just ignored


After a while the tickling ceased and Ayesha climbed on top of Nebula, she then pressed the remote and the micro balls activated to slowly torture her breasts starting with light, teasing tickles before switching to the hardest tickling mode and back again at random intervals, after an hour of this incessant torture Nebula was sobbing for mercy through the gag

“You know it’s a shame you rejected my offer before, otherwise you wouldn’t have to be in this situation now” Ayesha said softly as she wiped away tears from Nebula’s cheeks before stopping the suit, removing the gag and opening it up to expose her breasts that had turned a light shade of pink from all the tickling. Ayesha then began kissing her breasts and nibbling lightly on her nipples

“MMMM isn’t this better? Wouldn’t you rather have THIS kind of pleasure everyday instead?”
“GGRRRR, FUUCKKK YOOUU!!!!” Nebula said as best she could, she was completely worn out now but had no idea what Ayesha had planned for her, she then screamed as Ayesha bit down on her left nipple for her insolence

“Oh well, your choice. You really are stubborn but I have all the time in the universe to break you, maybe then you will learn to appreciate me. I may even keep you here as my own personal pet”

“NEVMMMFFFFF!!!” Nebula shouted as the gag returned while the suit also completely covered her whole face effectively blindfolding her, she began trying to scream as the suit enveloped her

“Oh don’t worry my dear, the suit is permeable so you can still breath” Ayesha said as she went back to kissing and groping her breasts to the sound of Nebula’s muffled screams


Sometime later Ayesha climbed off Nebula and recovered her breasts in the suit before deactivating the micro balls tickling her feet, she then leaned in close whispered in Nebula’s ear

“I know you can hear me my pet, you probably think I don’t have anything left in my arsenal to use on you but you would be wrong …. allow me to demonstrate!” she sat down on a chair, made herself comfortable and pressed a bug red button on the remote, a few seconds later Nebula screamed in anguish as the micro balls started vibrating around her pubic area

“MMFFFFTTTME!!!!!!!” she tried to scream as her body began writhing around at this new type of torture. Ayesha watched her intently, she had ensured that this area had not been tickled at all previously despite her scans showing just how sensitive Nebula was down there, it had been her trump card since the beginning to finally break her and now was the time to play it! Nebula meanwhile kept moving around to try in vain to get the suit as the micro balls continued to tease all around her mound. Having never really had time for relationships or lovers she was very sensitive there, a fact which surprised even her as the suit micro balls continued to pulsate in unison, the fact the Ayesha was no doubt watching her as this happened only added to her frustration


After a while Nebula began to feel a new sensation building slowly within her, she recognised it as an orgasm and couldn’t believe that the suit was doing this to her, she began to grind her hips around in frustration as the feeling grew and grew, then without warning the suit also began teasing her nipples as well on a low setting making her cry out in anguish

“AARRGGGHH SHE’S INSANE!” Nebula thought in horror as her body began to get overwhelmed with the sensations as the suit also started focusing directly on her clit, teasing her as gently as a feather stroke running over her. By now Nebula was right on the edge of an orgasm, she could feel it … just a few more seconds and….!

“MMMFFFF!!!!!!!!” She cried out like a banshee as the entire suit stopped dead all at once leaving her teetering on the brink of climaxing, with all her senses covered she tried to blindly move around enough to reach an orgasm but there was nothing to press against to do so, she continued writhing around without any success until she felt something cold press against her mound – an index finger

“Seems you’re having a bit of trouble Nebula” Ayesha said mockingly

“HMMMBTCH!!!!” She tried screaming out

“Well this BITCH” she said with added emphasis “Is the only person in the universe who can give you what you desire, that is if I want to”


Nebula balked at this statement, she hated this woman even more than her own sister Gamora and now after all the humiliations she had been forced to suffer at her hands she still wanted more from her? Nebula wanted to tear her head off but the immediate problem was the burning sensation within her, all she cared for right now was getting a release, but to do that she would have to play along with Ayesha’s game

“WHTDYUWNT?” she growled at the Sovereign

“Simple Nebula, I want you to beg me for an orgasm” Nebula thought for a moment, she was steadfast about not submitting to this damn woman but the tension between her legs was so bad….

“MMFCKYU!!!!!!” she finally shouted, it was risky but if she could just ignore the orgasm building within her…. “MMFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she suddenly cried as she felt Ayesha begin to use her finger to slowly trace along the edges of her sensitive mound through the thin suit covering her, then the suit started teasing her nipples again as well


Nebula’s body gyrated from side to side as her head began swimming while her body was slowly tormented by both Ayesha’s and the suits touch, slowly another orgasm built up, she was close to climaxing then ….

“MMMFFFCKR!!!!!!” she wailed as Ayesha stopped both the suit and her orgasm once again

“No no Nebula, I already said I want you to beg me for it, only then will you be granted a release. And I have allllllllll night to play with your delicious body over and over again!” Ayesha taunted with a laugh, she waited for a few minutes until Nebula’s hips stopped moving around and began teasing her again, this time she made the suit open up around her clit and started running a large purple feather against it

“MFHAHANOOOO!!!!” Nebula shivered and laughed simultaneously as the tip of the feather brushed against her, she would never have guessed that her clit would ticklish but this bitch had found out it was and was using her own body against her!

“Seems to me you’re really enjoying this, look how turned on you” Ayesha said in a teasing voice as she noticed how wet the feather soon was “I wonder how many more strokes it will take for you to orgasm Nebula? Two? Five? Ten?”

“MFSTPP! STP! PLS!!!!!!!!” Nebula squealed as her body began to shake violently against the intrusive feather, then she threw her head back as she felt Ayesha’s cold palm press down hard against her tormented mound

“Uh uh, not yet!” she said in an authoritative tone

“HLP!!!!!! SMNE HLP MF!!!!!!!!” Nebula cried out in anguish

“No one’s coming to help you Nebula, it’s just you and me!” Ayesha said with an evil laugh “I can even make this tomorrow’s session if needed, that way no one will disturb us!” after a brief pause she brought the feather back and after a few more strokes on her clit Nebula was once more brought to the edge of an orgasm when once again she refused to beg Ayesha and it was pulled away at the last second making her cry out in a mix of laughter, moaning and pure anguish


This orgasm denial torture continued for over an hour as Ayesha kept playing with Nebula’s body, constantly teasing her with various types of feathers, the body suit, her tongue and a mix of different sized vibrators. Sometimes she would also play with her inner thighs, feet, breasts and nipples as well and with Nebula almost totally encased in the suit she had no idea where the next tickle attack or bit of worship would might from. Each time Nebula would be brought close to climaxing and Ayesha would wait for her to beg, when this didn’t happen she would pull her away at the last possible moment to ruin her attempted orgasm, soon Nebula’s clit was so swollen and sensitive from the prolonged torture that the lightest touch would almost instantly bring her to an orgasm straight away but still none was permitted. Ayesha expertly played with her helpless prisoner while also taking out her own frustrations on Nebula’s refusal to break from her time in custody


Nebula was a complete, sobbing wreck as once more another orgasm slipped away from her desperate body when Ayesha pulled a large vibrator away just before she could climax and she let out another a howl of frustration, she had lost count of how many times this had now happened. Her body was drained and her resistance was shattered, she didn’t care about anything else anymore except being allowed to finally, even if it meant begging her enemy. As much as she hated the very thought she couldn’t take it anymore. As she felt the tip of a large golden plume begin to stroke against her inner thighs she screamed as best she could

“STP!……PLSE!!!!!” and almost instantly the feather was pulled away. Ayesha stood up and walked over to face Nebula before removing the suits blindfold over her tear soaked eyes and bright purple face

“Do you have something to tell me?” She asked while twirling the feather menacingly between her thumb and index finger, there was a long pause as Nebula tried to compose herself and swallow her broken pride

“Plse….lt ne cm!” she finally called out through the gag

“What was that?” Ayesha asked, savouring the moment of victory as she cupped her hand against her ear

“Plse lt ne cm…..Svrign” she repeated with a look of abject defeat

“Well I COULD” she said as she sat back down on her chair “But first you need to do something for me!” Although she didn’t want to say anything out loud Nebula would do anything now if it meant being finally able to complete an orgasm without interruption


Sitting down Ayesha propped both her bare feet up on the bed with her golden soles next to Nebula’s head

“You see as the Sovereign all the people of this planet worship me, so to get what you want you will have to do the same” she said with a wicked smile, Nebula was shocked at this!

“MF PLS! EM BGING YUF!!!!” she tried to plead with Ayesha as she had already done what Ayesha has asked and all she wanted to do was cum already! She let out a yelp as the suit began teasing her nipples once again

“Better make your choice quickly before I devote the rest of the night to keep holding you on the edge over and over again!” Ayesha said with a smirk as she wiggled her toes about and flexed her soles. Nebula knew she couldn’t go through that again….and she was so close now…… finally she nodded her head meekly


The suits teasing stopped and the gag disappeared letting her open and close her mouth for the first time in what felt like an eternity

“Don’t keep me waiting my pet” Ayesha called out as she put her toes right by Nebula’s face. She began by kissing the toes on her right foot, as she expected they were cold to the touch like the rest of Ayesha’s body. Her feet were quite large (about a human size 11) and in perfect condition like the rest of her, she had deep, wrinkled arches and long, unpolished toes, her soles practically shone in the light

“Now come on, I know you can do better than that!” Ayesha said after watching Nebula’s half-hearted attempt to worship her, she held the remote up menacingly which forced Nebula to start planting longer, more attentive kisses on all her toes followed by sucking on her big toe, then she moved on to the ball of her foot and the arch. Ayesha moved her foot around for her pet to worship when needed, making sure Nebula kissed every inch of her foot before pulling it back so her left foot could have a turn. Every kiss was like a dagger in Nebula’s heart as she serviced her hated enemy, but she kept on going by reminding herself just how much she desperately needed to cum and that Ayesha was the only one who could provide that


“MMMMM you’re very good at that you know” Ayesha said with a warm sigh as Nebula finally completed worshiping her golden soles “Are you sure you haven’t done that before?” Nebula ignored the question as she let out another moan of anguish as the teasing on her nipples returned and quickly began building her up towards yet another climax

“I bet your desperate for this aren’t you my pet?”

“Yes….my Sovereign” Nebula said doing her best to hide her hatred of this woman

“Very well, since you did such a good job you deserve a reward”

She walked over to Nebula’s womanhood and crouched down, the Nebula let out a gasp as she felt Ayesha’s cold tongue start to lick against her hyper-sensitive clit

“OHHHHH!! OHHHHHH! YE-YES! YES! YES! DON’T, DON’T STOP!!!!!! YES! YES! YES! YEES! YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! OOHHHH YEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as Ayesha finally pushed her over to edge to a colossal orgasm, her whole body shook as wave after wave of pleasure surged through her after so many denials. Her back arched and her toes curled up as she continued to orgasm over and over so many times that she practically lost count. Once she was finally done she fell back on the soft bed in a state of pure bliss, she didn’t care where she was or what she had to endure to get here, there was nothing in this moment beyond her own pleasure. Ayesha meanwhile opened up the whole suit so Nebula was left completely nude except for the wrist & ankle cuffs still on her holding her down to the bed. Ayesha then climbed into the bed with her and kissed her gently on the lips

“Good girl Nebula, very good” she purred in delight but Nebula, being totally spent had already fallen fast asleep, her body having been completely drained from the evenings session


The next morning however Nebula realised things hadn’t changed, she was back in her cell but now the suit had locked her arms in place like a strait jacket, after being taken to the chamber she saw Ayesha in her own normal place ready and waiting

“What’s going on?” She asked, “I thought we were done with this now?”

“Oh, my no! Last night was more of a test than anything, you’ve still got a sentence to complete. Once you’ve completed that maybe then we can have some more fun”

“YOU LYING BITCH!” Nebula screamed to Ayesha, “I DID WHAT YOU ASKED FOR NOW STOP THIS STUPID THERAPY ALREADY!!!!” Her eyes burned with hate to her foe who just stood there calmly

“Hmm, that didn’t take you long”

“What does that mean!?”

“I figured you were lying when you submitted to me last night, I wanted to test you to see how genuine you really were and you failed” she picked up a bottle of oil and the toe rings as approached Nebula’s feet which the suit slowly uncovered

“And lying to the Sovereign is a punishable offence with a sentence of 5 years!” she began placing the toe rings on Nebula as she began to beg for mercy

“WHAT? OH NO! PLEASE DON’T! I DIDN’T MEAN IT! PLEASE MY SOVEREIGN!” but she was soon gagged again as she felt the toe rings lock her feet in place and oil slowly start to be poured over her soles

“I hope you enjoyed last night Nebula, because that’s the last bit of pleasure you’re going to have for a very long, long time!” with that she began raking her nails over the delicious blue soles to the wonderful sound of Nebula’s laughter




Nebula sat in her cell having just been returning by the cleaning bot, she tried to ignore the suits light teasing of her clit that was always there, always bringing her to the edge before stopping short. She couldn’t remember how long it had been since that night in Ayesha’s bedroom when she had last orgasmed, or even how long she had now been trapped on this planet! The days just blurred together as her life was a constant cycle of tickling, teasing, eating and sleeping either in this cell or in the chamber with Ayesha who continued to come up with new and inventive ways to tickle torture her. Even the guards were no longer there as she was now always taken to and from the sessions by the cleaning bot, she even missed screaming at the guards but that was impossible anyway as she was always gagged while in her cell. She laid down on her small cot that served as her bed and tried again to free her arms from the strait jacket style bindings to try and make herself orgasm but it was impossible to break out of the suit

“Got to escape……” she thought weakly to herself as she felt another orgasm be pulled away from her making her groan in agony as the suits micro balls powered down


She then heard footsteps approach and then voices, she was too tired to stand but one sounded…. familiar

“…Our facility is state of the art, we have never had a single escape from here”

“Very impressive” came a new voice, Nebula recognised it…. It was Gamora! Nebula couldn’t believe it as Ayesha and Gamora soon stood outside her cell

“As you can see the prisoner is kept in a docile state most of the time with low level EMP’s to prevent her cybernetics from activating. She is kept alone as she is too violent to allow with the general prison population.” Gamora looked at her sister, despite their years of animosity she felt sad at seeing her like this. She then turned and shook Ayesha’s hand

“As agreed, the Guardians of the Galaxy will protect your planet and the Anulax batteries in exchange for Nebula being turned over to us”

“Agreed” She said as Gamora went back down the hall to prepare for battle with the Guardians, Ayesha locked the suit in place so Nebula couldn’t move and entered the cell

“It seems that I will no longer be your caretaker Nebula, you see your sister is here to take you back to Xander to face trial for your earlier crimes” Nebula smirked at the Sovereign 
“YR FKD NW!” she growled “I WL RTRN AMF FKKIN KLL YU!”

“That’s very doubtful, although it would be improper for you to talk about what’s happened here” she pulled out a small device and began pressing buttons

“WT AR YU DNG?!” she growled

“Simple really, your core memories are stored in your cybernetically enhanced brain, I am reprogramming it slightly”


“Yes, you see I want you to remember what you have experienced here but now you won’t be able to speak about it, when anyone asks you all you will say is that you went through behavioural adjustment therapy by a skilled psychotherapist”
“YU BTCH!!!!!!!” she cried out as she felt her mind slowly be altered, when she tried to say anything about the last few months her mouth went dry and so lost the ability to communicate what had really happened, Ayesha grabbed her chin and raised it up so their eyes met

“That’s SOVEREIGN to you!” she said wickedly


Soon after the Guardians defeated the invader and Nebula was led away in chains to their ship as Ayesha watched them depart

“I shall be retiring early tonight” she told her guards as she walked into the empty chamber, holding a small blob containing the TIXAL suit she had removed from Nebula before she left.

“Computer, activate subject NT2” there was a chime as a panel in the wall opened and a perfect copy of a completely naked Nebula walked in and stood before her, exact down to every last detail

“Who am I?” she asked it

“You are….my Sovereign” the being responded in Nebula’s exact voice

“Excellent, get on the table” she commanded as the copy did so. She then placed the TIXAL suit on her which instantly enveloped her whole body from her neck to her ankles before walking over to her blue soles

“Now then let’s see how well I copied her” she said as she began running a feather across them making the copy begin laughing instantly “Seems I did a good job! You and I are going to have A LOT of fun together!”



After Nebula & The Guardians of the Galaxy worked together and defeated Ego the Living Planet they had agreed to let Nebula go in exchange for her assistance, boarding a small space ship she entered the co-ordinates for the Sovereign home world

 “I hope you’re ready Ayesha because I’m coming for you!” she thought to herself, remembering the humiliations she had suffered “And everything you did to me will be repaid 1000 times over!” and with that she blasted off to face an unsuspecting Sovereign



After seeing GOTG2 deadpooldisassembled.deviantar… and I agreed that Nebula deserved a good tickling and that Ayesha (the Sovereign) would be a merciless tickler! The fact that Nebula is played by the lovely Karen Gillan also didn't hurt!

Therefore I created a story set just before GOTG2 (warning - some minor spoilers) of Nebula's time in Ayesha's "care"

Part 1 can be found here

Please read, enjoy and comment/fave :-) (Smile)

All characters are owned by Marvel/Marvel Studios

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Nebula's Tickling Punishment by Ayesha (Guardians of the Galaxy 2) - Part 1
by MrObscura101

The courtroom went silent as the judge as banged her gavel

“Bring in the prisoner!” she said coldly as the large metal doors were opened at her command and two guards entered dragging behind them a chained female, her whole upper body was wrapped tightly in heavy chains with her arms pinned to her sides and her hands shackled in front of her. Despite her resistance she was soon forcibly made to stand before the judge flanked by several guards who held her in place

“Nebula, you stand accused of attempted theft from the Sovereign race” she paused for a moment “How do you plead?”

“BURN IN HELL!” The prisoner screamed out which echoed around the courtroom. Nebula, the cybernetic blue skinned adopted daughter of the mad titan Thanos had been captured here after working with Ronan the Accuser to destroy the planet Xander until the self-styled “Guardians of the Galaxy” which included her traitorous adopted sister Gamora has stopped them. She had managed to escape after the battle and had been seeking revenge on both Thanos and Gamora ever since, she had come to this planet to obtain the powerful Anulax batteries to help her do this before being caught


The judge, known as Ayesha was the leader of the golden skinned Sovereigns, a race of technologically advanced beings, looked down at Nebula and saw the burning hatred within her dark eyes, she also took note of how Nebula still struggled to break free of her imprisonment despite being hit with several EMP blasts during her arrest that had disabled her cybernetics. Soon the evidence was broadcast in the judicial chamber of Nebula’s attempted theft of the batteries that powered the entire planet, Ayesha asked again how Nebula wished to plead

“I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!!!!” she simply screamed at the assembled court as she pulled again at her bonds while the guards did their best to keep her still


Ayesha thought to herself then spoke

“Very well, since you refuse to follow the rules of the court and based on the infallible evidence against you I will now pronounce sentence in lieu of a trial!” Nebula ignored this as she kept trying to get free, if only her cybernetics would work again she could lay waste to these fools!

“I hereby sentence you to adjustment therapy to end your criminal ways effective immediately!” Ayesha announced loudly as she banged her gavel to the cheers of the crowd. The guards dragged Nebula away into the prison area far below the planet’s surface as she kept kicking and screaming


Nebula was left bound in her chains and forced into a cell, she screamed at the guards as they walked away leaving her pacing back and forth while trying to get free of her bonds. After a short while Nebula heard Ayesha approach flanked by two armed guards

“Huh, guess I should curtsy!” she said mockingly to the golden Sovereign. Ayesha just nodded to the guards and they each pulled out a small blaster and proceeded to zap Nebula with stun blasts making her fall against the nearest wall and slump in the corner unconscious, once they were sure she was fully out Ayesha spoke

“Everything is ready so you can bring her to the chamber and prepare her, if she awakes or makes any kind of resistance I want her stunned again with maximum force, she cannot be allowed to escape!”

“Yes Sovereign!” the guards both answered with a salute, they carried Nebula to a large chamber deep inside the prison complex where she was unchained and her clothes were removed leaving her in only her black underwear. They then placed thick silver cuffs on her wrists and ankles which automatically locked in place and laid her down on a large metallic table in the chambers centre. The cuffs instantly magnetized themselves to the table securing her down, once she was restrained the guards then left Nebula to await her punishment


“Nebula.... Nebula.....wake up” Nebula’s eyes slowly opened as she awakened from the stun blasts to the sound of her name being called, she found herself tied down almost nude with Ayesha standing over her “Welcome to the first day of your adjustment”

“I hope you’re getting a good view you pervert!” she growled to the Sovereign as she tried pulling at the restraints but the cuffs refused to move even an inch

“Voyeurism is not my purpose here Nebula, your adjustment is” she observed the blue skinned beauty as she struggled, most of her body was a deep shade of blue except for a purple stripe that ran across the middle of her face and the various metal cybernetic upgrades that Thanos had forcibly grafted to her body over the years, the most predominant ones being over her right eye, the top of her scalp and much of her right arm

“Those cuffs are of the same design as interstellar moors that hold ships in space dock, each one can hold over 20,000 tons so you’re not going to be able to move them” she calmly said hoping Nebula would stop trying to escape “Each one is also emitting a low level EMP to keep your cybernetics from activating. Rest assured that every precaution has been made to keep you here until your sentence is complete” Nebula looked around the room and saw it was only the two of them

“So, the high and mighty Sovereign is personally taking a hand in my rehabilitation, I guess I should be honored!” Ayesha ignored her sarcasm as she picked up a small device which glowed in her hand

“According to the bio-scans we took when you were arrested I have devised an effective form of behavioural therapy” she walked over to Nebula’s left then began slowly running her hand up and down Nebula’s bare side


“Grrr...wh-what are you are doing!” Nebula shouted angrily, Ayesha’s long sharp nails lightly glided over her skin, there was no pain but it felt.... odd “GET AWAY FROM ME!!!” she shouted again but Ayesha just kept on repeating the same motions up and down her side over and over and over, she was studying Nebula and gauging her reactions

“GAH!! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR THIS INDIGNATY!! RELEASE ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!” Nebula was starting to get annoyed by both the silence from her captor and the constant touching of her side, the feeling was like that of an insect crawling along her skin, an insect that she would have mercilessly crushed without any hesitation had she not been restrained. Then suddenly she felt herself let out a small chuckle

“WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS!” she demanded, angry that her body had reacted in this way “You will release me or.... HA HA!” another giggle crept out as the nails began moving in more random directions, Nebula began moving around in her bondage trying to move her side out of reach but it was impossible

“Ha! YOUR’E GOING TO..ha...STOP TOUCHING ME... ha ha....AND RELEASE ME...HA....RIGHT NOW! OR...HA.... I WILL...HA HA... DESTROY YOU AND HAAA HAAA HAAA YOUR WHOLE CURSED PLAHAHAHANNEETT!!!!” After every couple of words a few laughs would escape from her much to Nebula’s fury, Ayesha took note as she began using both hands to probe around her hips


“What was happening here?” she thought to herself, in all her years of training and battles no enemy had ever done anything like this to her and yet somehow this woman’s infuriatingly light touches on her bare skin was somehow getting her to react and was driving her mad, then she involuntarily bucked against the slab as Ayesha’s nails ran suddenly across her navel, she threw her head back and began howling with laughter

“HA HA HA HA STAAHHHPPP THIIISSSS NOOWWW DAAAHAHAHAMMMMMNNNNN YOOOUUHHAHAHAHA!!!!!” she screamed and begged, something she had never done before in all her years of combat. Ayesha kept going for a few more moments before stopping


Once it was over Nebula laid there trying to catch her breath, as soon as she could she tried furiously to get free again

“It’s called Tickle Torture” Ayesha said as she walked round towards Nebula’s feet “Stimulation of the nerve endings resulting in laughter. It’s quite an effective tool for extracting information and is a popular pastime amongst certain species, Earthlings in particular are fascinated by it and through information we have gathered from signals from their planet we have learned many methods of its varying applications which we will be using on you during your time here”


“It seems that you still fail to comprehend your situation Nebula. You are to remain here until I say otherwise, our bio-scans show that your body still has a large amount of nerve endings despite your numerous enchantments and it will be my privilege to effectively stimulate them until your personality has been permanently altered” she stood by Nebula’s right foot “Now then let’s continue”


“GAH! GET AWAY FROM ME RIGHT NOW!” Nebula hissed as Ayesha’s nails began running up and down her left arch, her feet which were normally covered by her thick boots reacted the same way as her side, the irritating touches kept on coming no matter which way she moved her foot to avoid them and she could feel a bout of laughter building in her stomach threatening to burst out again

“STOP IT DAMN YOU! STOP TOUCHING MY FOOT!!!” Nebula shut her eyes and tried to imagine something else to distract her from this woman’s touch, killing Thanos or blowing up a planet or anything else besides this ‘tickle torture’ as Ayesha had described it but no matter what she thought of the sensation of the nails running across her sole kept coming through with the focus of a laser beam

“GRRR!! HA HA!!! YOUUU WONTTT HA HA HA GEETTT AAAWWAAYYY WIIITHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! A torrent of laughter exploded from Nebula before she could finish her threat as Ayesha began tickling her left sole as well

“HAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOO!!!!! STTTOOOOPPP THHIIISSSSSS!!!!!!!!! NNNNOOO MOOORRREEE!!!!!” Nebula was shocked at how she was begging for mercy from something as stupid as this, she tried wiggling her feet around to try and avoid the sharp nails but Ayesha kept on finding spots that would drive her wild with laughter. Ayesha smiled to herself as she observed the frantic movement of Nebula’s feet, the scans had indicated a high concentration of tickle spots here and she planned to torture them all, she watched as Nebula’s toes with their dark blue nails move around wildly each time her nails made contact with her arches as well as how Nebula’s temperament had completely changed from full of anger to helpless laughter.


Soon Ayesha stopped tickling her right foot and used both hands to concentrate on her left one only, she used her index fingers to run up and down the arch and instep then held back her toes before tickling the area below them, this had the added bonus of keeping her foot still for when Ayesha began to tickle the arch again

“HA HA HA HA STTTHHHHAAAPPPP!!!!!” Nebula cried out, this was insane! What kind of sick person would come up with a torture like this? Ayesha had said this was a pastime amongst other species so could it be possible they.... enjoyed it? How could anyone enjoy something like this, the forced laughter, the breathlessness, the tears that had begun running down her cheeks, it seemed impossible to believe! Once Ayesha stopped Nebula struggled to catch her breath, she tried threatening her again but due to her laughing ever third or fourth word the threat wasn’t as effective as she had planned


Ayesha stood up and walked round to face Nebula

“So how are you finding my adjustment techniques?”

“Oh, now you’re concerned with laws? Funny you did not seem to care when you tried to steal from my planet!” Ayesha gently brushed the back of her hand against Nebula’s cheeks to wipe away the tears

“Well that is long enough for a break, lets continue!”
“WHAT?!” Nebula cried out before she began laughing again as Ayesha began lightly tickling her left underarm, Nebula screamed and shouted again as Ayesha’s nails danced all over the hollow of her underarm, she wished that she could pull her arm down to protect herself but it was no use as the cuffs still refused to budge. Ayesha then moved herself so she was right by Nebula’s head and she began tickling her other underarm as well, her cybernetic arm started at her bicep meaning her right underarm was just as sensitive as her left one

“HA HA HA NOOOO!!!! GEEEEETTT AWWWAYYYY!!!!” she cackled hysterically as she shook from side to side as much as possible but nothing she did could dislodge Ayesha’s nails running along her skin


After a thorough tickling of her underarms Ayesha allowed Nebula another short break, this time Nebula just concentrated on catching her breath and recovering from the tickle assault, Ayesha kept staring at the helpless criminal while contemplating her next move. She had to plan carefully to ensure she gave Nebula the most effective therapy session, especially as she seemed to now be near exhaustion. Ayesha then thought of an idea as she silently walked over to a small box which had been prepared for her, opening it she removed a small glass bottle and some metal rings then returned to Nebula’s feet

“NO DAMN YOU! KEEP AWAY FROM ME!!!” Nebula screamed upon seeing her approaching again, instantly she began moving her feet around wildly to try and keep out of Ayesha’s reach


Ayesha however soon caught her left foot and proceeded to place one of the metal rings on her big toe, instantly it magnetized towards the ankle cuff pulling her toe back and severely limiting the movement of her foot, seeing this worked at keeping her still Ayesha then repeated the process on her other 4 toes until her foot could not move at all and once that was done she secured 5 toe rings on the right foot in the same way. Nebula pulled furiously at her new bonds with all her strength to no avail

“AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!” she screamed in anguish at her now utter lack of movement, Ayesha then proceeded to pour some liquid from the bottle into her palm then rubbed her hands together before touching Nebula’s right foot which made her gasp involuntarily

“Ceremonial oils from the High Priestesses of the Jakal sisterhood” Ayesha commented matter-of-factly


Nebula made an indignant noise as she felt the cold, wet hands on her right arch. Ayesha began slowly kneaded Nebula’s arch with her thumbs, before doing the same on her instep, heel and toes. Soon her foot was fully covered in the oils and Ayesha repeated this on her left foot as well despite Nebula’s frequent profane outbursts. The whole time this was happening Nebula found herself torn as on the one hand the application of the oils felt somewhat nice and soothing to her nearly exhausted body but it still tickled and she felt her feet begin to get more sensitive as more oil was added, even a light breeze in the room tickled on her bare skin and she had to force herself not to laugh. Once both feet were covered Ayesha moved one hand to each foot, although Nebula had correctly guessed what would be next she still let out a scream of laughter as she felt Ayesha rake her index fingers down her helpless soles


“These oils are known to increase the sensitivity of humanoids, I’ve never tested the theory myself so I will be taking notes of this for scientific purposes!” Although Ayesha spoke without changing the tone of her voice from strict authoritarian Nebula was sure she was grinning while she was speaking!


Nebula screamed as Ayesha blew along across her toes to cruelly show just how sensitive she had now become then she began bucking and squirming as much as possible when Ayesha’s nails began practically gliding over her poor soles, her head thrashed around as a constant stream laughter mixed with a host of obscene swear words echoed about the room. Unknown to Nebula the whole session was being recorded by hidden devices which Ayesha planned to review later to keep a log of her worst spots for future sessions. She found Nebula’s left instep was particularly sensitive as she ran her index finger down it, taking note of the slight increase in pitch of Nebula’s laughter. She finally slowed down the tickling without completely stopping as she looked at Nebula’s feet, they were approximately a human size 9 with deep arches and short rounded toes that would be considered “cute” although Ayesha was sure very few would ever be allowed to call her that and live, her blue soles had gone a light shade of purple from all the tickling much like how a human’s might turn red under similar circumstances.

“Pleeeaaasseee stoopp!!!” Nebula cried as Ayesha continued lightly tickling her poor feet, finally she couldn’t take any more and mercifully passed out, once this happened Ayesha summoned the guards to return Nebula to her cell as she began preparing for the next session


Nebula awoke in her cell an unknown amount of time later, she was still in her underwear with the cuffs on her. She found her sides and throat were sore along with a tingling sensation on her feet, then suddenly she remembered the tickling humiliation she had just endured so she angrily gripped the bars of the cell and started thrashing against them

“LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!!! OPEN THIS DOOR NOW DAMN YOU!!!!!!” her voice echoed down the empty hallway, soon however she heard the footsteps of the guards approaching again and they wordlessly drew their blasters before stunning her once more and taking her back to the chamber

“Welcome back” Ayesha said calmly when Nebula regain consciousness, she just let out a grunt of anger at being tied down on the slab again “I trust you enjoyed your rest? You were asleep for almost 8 hours” Nebula couldn’t believe it, nor could she believe that this woman’s stupid tickle assault on her body had drained her so badly! Ayesha pressed a button and a hologram of Nebula screaming in her cell from a few minutes earlier was projected onto the ceiling from a device on the wall

“I see your first session did nothing to improve your temperament”


“We will see about that” Ayesha’s hands then grabbed Nebula’s black bra and pulled it off exposing her breasts to the Sovereign

“HAH! WHATS THE MATTER YOUR HIGHNESS, DON’T YOU HAVE A HAREM FOR THIS SORT OF THING?” Nebula said mockingly, Ayesha looked over her breasts, they were firm with no cybernetics at all, approximately a human sized B cup the same color as the rest of her body while the Areola and nipples were a darker shade of blue. Nebula just stared silently at her waiting to see what she had planned


Ayesha soon climbed onto the table and sat on top of Nebula’s waist before picking up a medium sized green feather which she began slowly stroking across her nipples, Nebula shut her eyes and tried to ignore the tingling sensations, soon her teeth were gritted and her head shook violently from side to side as it got worse and worse, like before no matter what she did the tickling sensation kept getting through until she couldn’t keep it in anymore

“HA HA HA STHHAPPPP!!!!!!! GETTT AWWWAYY FRROOOMM MEEE!!!!” she cried as the stiff feather kept stroking against her nipples which to her horror soon hardened and pointed upwards towards her tormentor

“I think you are enjoying this” Ayesha said with a smirk

“FUUUHAHAHACK YOOOOHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!” was the only retort Nebula could think of, then things got worse as Ayesha picked up another green feather and began to run one over each nipple

“HA HA HA NOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOO!!!!” Nebula was infuriated, both by this woman’s continued tickle torture and that her body had reacted this way! After 15 minutes Ayesha stopped for a break


“Ha ha ha, you’re sick!!!” Nebula shouted through deep breaths, her nipples remained hardened much to her annoyance as it served as a constant reminder to what she had just gone through. Ayesha meanwhile moved around on top of Nebula so she was now laying directly on top of her, Nebula tried to force her off but it didn’t work. Ayesha then leaned closer to her nipples and opened her mouth

“HA HA HA HA!!!! YOOOUUU FRRREEEAAKKK!!!!!! WWHHHAAATTTSSS WRRROOONNGGG WIIIITHH YOOUUU!!!!  Nebula cried as Ayesha’s golden tongue made contact with her left nipple, it was cold like the rest of her, so much so that Nebula thought at first that she was being tortured with a shard of ice! She tried moving away from the freezing cold tongue but Ayesha just wrapped her mouth around her breast and proceeded to suck and bite on it instead causing Nebula to shriek! Then Ayesha’s hands began to move, one began tickling her left underarm while the other retrieved the feather and began using it to torture her still hard right nipple

“GAAAHHHHH!!!! NO NO NO NO NO STTOOOPPPPPP!!!!!! GEEEETTT AWWAYYY!!! ITTTSSS SOOO COOOLLLDDDD!!!” Nebula begged as Ayesha’s tongue continued to dance and glide all over her defenceless nipple along with the occasionally nibbling it with her teeth. She finally stopped but the respite only lasted a few moments before she repeated the same process on her right nipple



The combined mouth, tongue, feather and nail tickling across her upper body seemed to go on forever, no matter how much she screamed and writhed about the torture kept on going! Tears soon ran down her cheeks which had turned a light purple and her throat hurt from all the laughing. Ayesha kept nibbling on her nipples, alternating from one to the other and using a feather on which ever once she was not currently running her tongue over.

“HA HA HA HA NOOOOOO MOOOOORRRREEE!!!!! STTHHAPPPP ALLRREEAADDYYY!!” Nebula cried out over and over but was constantly ignored until finally Ayesha stopped and climbed off her, she soon returned carrying a glass bottle

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Nebula let out a fierce wail as Ayesha climbed back on top of her again and removed the bottles top


Ayesha tipped the bottle and a few drops poured out onto Nebula’s still rock-hard nipples causing a shriek as the drops landed on them and slowly trickled down onto her breasts leaving a small trail, Ayesha then began massaging them to work the oils into Nebula’s heaving breasts, almost instantly she felt the sensitivity of her breasts increase dramatically! Nebula protested constantly during this, knowing what would be coming next.  Soon both her breasts glistened in their oily coating and Ayesha, just to show what she would now be in for blew gently across both nipples making her gasp in horror as they now felt 10 times more sensitive than before.  Ayesha dried her hands on a towel and moved her sharp nails closer and closer

“AAAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH NOOOO!!!! Nebula squealed with laughter as her helpless breasts now felt the full tickling assault, she shook her body around as best she could, causing her breasts to bounce around wildly but Ayesha’s nimble fingers kept on tickling away. They started by slowly teasing the nipples with gentle touches before tickling random spots all over the breasts during which time Nebula could barely speak and could only keep laughing. Soon however this proved too much and she lapsed into unconsciousness


Nebula soon awoke again but rather than laying on the table as before she instead found herself kneeling on it with her ankles stuck at the edge by the cuffs with her feet hanging just off it. Her arms meanwhile were held up above her head by the wrist cuffs which were pulled towards a magnet in the ceiling, no matter how much she tried to force her arms down she couldn’t, she then realised Ayesha was sitting behind her

“Listen,” Nebula spoke trying to sound nonchalant although she secretly was terrified of having another tickle session “If you let me go I will leave here now and never return, I won’t even do anything to you or the planet” Ayesha however just began lazily dragging a feather across her soles making her jump as another coating of oil had already been poured on them

“GAH!!! HA HA HA HA YOOUUUU HA HA HA BIIITTTCCCHHHH! NOOOO! STTHHAPPPP!!!!!” Nebula was furious that she was still being tormented in this way as the soft feather continued lightly touching her feet, she tried catching it between her toes but they were soon locked in one place by the toe rings. Ayesha then began tickling the blue soles before her with both her nails and the feather along with occasionally running her cold tongue over the arches and toes making Nebula scream.


Nebula’s head hung forward limply when the tickling finally stopped and she tried ignoring the soreness in her sides from all the laughter, however almost instantly Ayesha was standing behind her and began pouring more oil over her breasts. Nebula cried out in protest and tried shaking the oil off as soon as it touched her skin but Ayesha’s hands had soon rubbed it all into her skin, making sure to pay special attention to her erect nipples before starting to lightly tickle her again

“HA HA HA DAAAHAHAHAHAMMMMNNN IIITTTT!!!! STHHAAPPP THIISSSS NOOOWWW HAHAHA!” Nebula screamed as she tried twisting her body round to escape from Ayesha’s nails to no avail. After a torturous 30 minutes of this Ayesha stopped briefly to place 5 small metallic discs on the table by Nebula’s knees, then sat back by her soles to pour more oil over them before resuming the tickling there. Nebula was so focused on this that she failed to notice the discs slowly start to hover upwards until they were just by her breasts, she let out a cry of horror as she felt something brush lightly against her left nipple followed by something else touch her right one as well, she looked round in a panic to see the discs had each opened up to reveal 4 small tendrils with pulsating purple tips, as they lazily began touching against her breasts she felt a tiny electric shock – not enough to hurt but certainly enough to tickle

“HA HA HA NOOOO!!!! GOOO AWWWAAYYYY!!!!” she screamed at the discs as they began torturing her nipples, cleavage, side and under boob areas. The tendrils touch was intensified by the oil on her skin and no matter how much she tried moving her body to avoid them they kept track of her movements and continued to dance all over her breasts.


Meanwhile a large amount of oil had also dripped down Nebula’s stomach to her navel as well and it didn’t take long for one of the bots to move down and begin tickling there as well using three of its tentacles to slowly trace around her belly button while the fourth one dug inside it to tickle her with its gently pulsating tip. Soon Nebula was at the point of total exhaustion as Ayesha had not let up the tickling at her soles the entire time, when Ayesha stopped she thought she was being allowed a break until she felt another splash of the cool oil on her already tormented feet

“I think you will find that *I* get to decide when you have had enough!” Ayesha cruelly said as she finished pouring the new coating of oil over her prisoner and resumed tickling the blue soles before her. After 20 more minutes of this combined torture on her body Nebula finally passed out again


To be continued.....


After seeing GOTG2 deadpooldisassembled.deviantar… and I agreed that Nebula deserved a good tickling and that Ayesha (the Sovereign) would be a merciless tickler! The fact that Nebula is played by the lovely Karen Gillan also didn't hurt!

Therefore I created a story set just before GOTG2 (warning - some minor spoilers) of Nebula's time in Ayesha's "care"

Part 2 can be found here

Please read, enjoy and comment/fave :-)

All characters are owned by Marvel/Marvel Studios


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Ginger & Mary Ann meet the Tahi-Kall Tribe
By MrObscura101

“Wow Ginger, you were right! This place is amazing!” Mary Ann Summers said excitedly in her perky mid-western accent as the two young women arrived at a secluded and unspoiled beach on the island that was their current home ever since being shipwrecked several months earlier. The pair planned to spend the next few hours relaxing, working on their tans and taking a break from all the madcap adventures of their fellow castaways
“See I told you! And the best part is the whole area is secluded so there’s no chance of any peeping toms!” Ginger Grant the movie star replied, she was right as the cove was surrounded on all sides with high cliffs and a stunning view of the ocean, aside from the ocean before them the only other way to access the beach was by walking through the thick jungle as they had just done

After spending over an hour travelling through the jungle to reach this place Mary Ann threw down her belongings, kicked off her sandals and ran towards the clear blue sea up to her knees where she proceeded to splash around in the cool water while Ginger put down her bag, removed her own sandals and stood peacefully on the warm sand which felt wonderful and reminded her of the long spa day sessions she used to enjoy back in her old life before the island. Soon Mary Ann returned from the water and dried herself off with a towel then both girls removed their clothing revealing one piece bathing suits underneath before sitting on their beach towels, after applying some suntan oil they lent back and began soaking up some rays in the afternoon sun. With the mix of the sounds of gentle waves crashing on the shore, birds flying overhead and the cool sea breeze both girls were soon dozing peacefully

However soon after they had fallen asleep a old fashioned longboat appeared on the horizon, one of the crew spied the two sleeping women and signaled the ship to begin an approach to the shore where it quietly landed and its occupants climbed out – 6 large women, all with bronzed skin, long dark hair and dressed in animal skin two pieces. They each took some lengths of rope and thick cloth rags from the boat and split into two teams of three then began approaching Ginger & Mary Ann. One team stood near Ginger and positioned themselves with one at her head, one by her waist and one by her long, shapely legs, the one by her head then reached down to Ginger’s face with a rag in hand and quickly but firmly grabbed her neck holding the rag tightly over her mouth
“MMMMFFFF!!!!!” Ginger snapped awake in a panic and began trying to scream as she saw the strange women surrounding both her and Mary Ann, however the other two women quickly grabbed her wrists and ankles and tied them together with their ropes despite Ginger’s frantic efforts

Mary Ann then awoke due to commotion happening next to her and let out a scream both at the three women standing over her and at Ginger’s current predicament, she quickly rolled over onto her stomach and managed to get to her feet where she began sprinting back to the jungle before the group had a chance to subdue her and they quickly gave chase
“GOTTA GET AWAY! GOTTA FIND THE OTHERS!” she thought in a panic, she knew she couldn’t help Ginger by herself and needed the other castaway’s help, she hoped she might be able to lose the mysterious women once inside the jungle. Mary Ann let out a gasp of relief as she finally reached the jungles edge, thinking she might be safe now she then felt a sharp pain in the back of her head followed by everything going black as something collided with her knocking her out completely. The three pursuers soon reached her unconscious body slumped on the floor and they found a large coconut lying next to her head that had fallen off a nearby branch. They laughed among themselves at the situation as they quickly hogtied and gagged Mary Ann before carrying her back to the boat where the others had already placed the still screaming and struggling Ginger. Soon both women were secured down inside to the boat and the women cast off away from the island, Ginger could only watch in horror as the island soon got smaller and smaller as the boat got further away until it disappeared completely from view as the women kept on rowing, she tried desperately to get free or awaken her sleeping friend but to no avail

“Ow….my head!” Mary Ann spoke softly as she came to but once her version returned she let out a loud scream. She had been tied in a spreadeagled position to a large stone altar with thick ropes holding her wrists and ankles in place while her modest swimsuit had been replaced with a blue bikini. Next to her on a similar alter was Ginger tied the same way but in a red bikini, to make matters worse they were surrounded by about 40 women like the ones who had kidnapped them, half were wearing various articles of clothing in red and the others wore blue items
“MARY ANN! THANK GOODNESS YOU’RE OK!” Ginger cried out with a sigh of relief
“I don’t know, after you got knocked out they brought us to this other island where they tied us up here and changed our clothes, none of them speak a word of English so I can’t tell what they want exactly but from what I have seen it seems to be an island populated by women only”

Seeing that Mary Ann had now awoken a woman approached the alters, she was older than the others of the group with two gray streaks in her hair and several tribal tattoos on her upper arms. The elder raised her arms and at once all the assembled women went quiet leaving an eerie silence
“KALL! SU-YA TAHI-KALL!!!!! She shouted out making the women all cheer, the elder continued talking as the crowd went silent again, then two of the crowd stepped forward and knelt before the Elder, both were beautiful, tall and muscular and were easily a head taller than their captives. The Elder then pointed at Ginger
“SHA! UHU TAHI-KALL CYAKTO!” One of the women stood up and took a blue bandana from the Elder which she tied round her forehead as the others in blue cheered. The elder then pointed to Mary Ann “SHA! OHO TAHI-KALL MAKATI!” and passed the other women now standing up a red bandana which she too tied around her head as the assembled reds also cheered. The whole scene made their captive grow tense

The crowd then split into two groups based on the color of their clothing as the two women approached the altars where they each picked up an empty tortoise shell from the floor, the Elder then pointed to the one in blue standing by Ginger
“KA TA-ILA CYAKTO!” she cried out and Cyakto began circling the altar then stopped making Ginger very nervous as she placed her hand in the shell and removed it showing her hand was covered in blue paint, Ginger screamed in a panic as the woman then placed her hand directly on her navel and removed it leaving a blue hand print across her stomach. Makati then did the same with Mary Ann leaving a red hand print on her, once this was done a moment of silence followed before the crowd cheered again leaving Ginger & Mary Ann very confused by the whole situation

The two women then bowed towards the elder who nodded and they looked down at their prisoners who began trying to fruitlessly communicate with them, then they both quickly dug their fingers into their helpless navels making Ginger and Mary Ann scream as Cyakto and Makati began to mercilessly run their fingers all across the sensitive painted skin of their captives
“HA HA HA OHHH NOOOOO!!!!!” Ginger howled as Cyakto slowly teased her flat stomach using her sharp nails
“HA HA HA STHAHAHAPPPPPP!!!!” Mary Ann quickly added as Makati pulled a feather out from her hair and began tracing it slowly around her defenceless belly button, her own stomach was more toned than Ginger’s from her years working on her family’s farm but was no less ticklish. The crowd started going wild at the scene and began cheering and chanting as the poor captives continued to laugh helplessly

As Makati continued to stroke a feather across Mary Ann’s poor tummy Cyakto leaned over and began swirling her tongue in a circular motion around Ginger’s belly button making her laugh hysterically, the other Blues began applauding and cheering as Ginger started screaming for mercy again and again, it was like something from a nightmare! She had always been very ticklish, so much so that she had once refused to act in a spy movie when she learned that there was to be a scene of her character being interrogated through tickling by the villain despite it only being about a minute-long due to being so insanely ticklish!

“HA HA HA OHHH PPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE STTOOOPPP!!!!!!” Ginger cried out as her tormentor began to both lightly kiss her navel and probe her belly button with her warm tongue, meanwhile Mary Ann was faring no better
“HA HA HA MEEERRRCCCYYYY!!!!! NOOOO MOOOORREEEE!!!! HA HA HA!!!” the poor girl begged as Makati retrieved another feather from her hair and began dragging both all over her poor stomach while she tried desperately to move away from them but it was no use meaning she had to just lie there and take it as the feathers continued taunting her bare flesh.

The tickling continued non-stop for almost 40 minutes focusing exclusively on their stomachs, all the while the crowd kept cheering and chanting “Tahi-Kall” at their colleagues as Ginger & Mary Ann kept laughing and begging, for some reason the ticklers kept this up despite both girls being brought right near the point of exhaustion until finally Mary Ann had an idea
“HA HA HA HA!!!!! TAHI-KALL! TAHI-KALL!!! TAHI-KALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She screamed out and everything stopped as crowd went silent, for a few moments the only sound that could be heard was the continued laughter of the two girls. Finally the laughing stopped and the crowd let out a huge cheer as the elder spoke up
“SA TO QU-SO! DA ES GULL TAHI-KALL!!!” she then pointed to Ginger “CA TU SA CHI!!!!” making the red covered women of the tribe raise their hands and cheer, Ginger and Mary Ann tried to converse as their tried to catch their breath

“HA HA HA…. what the heck was all that about?” Ginger asked
“Ha ha ha I don’t know…. but my guess is it’s some kind of contest”
“Yeah think about it, I’m in blue and tickled by someone in red while the opposite happened to you … I think it’s some kind of test of endurance! And you won because I submitted”
“What do you mean?”
“It suddenly hit me like a flash, they kept saying TAHI-KALL over and over so I figured it might be a phrase to make them stop”
“How on Earth did you think of that?”
“Well you see growing up on the farm the neighborhood boys would use to pin me down and tickle me non-stop, they wouldn’t give up until I would say ‘uncle’ so I thought these islanders might have the same system. Looks like I was right”

The elder soon addressed the crowd again making them go quiet as Makati picked up her own tortoise shell and began circling around Mary Ann as both girls tried to protest again
“PLEASE NO MORE TICKLING! NO MORE!” they both screamed but soon enough Makati poured some red paint into both her hands and lightly placed them on Mary Ann’s underarms making the crowd cheer as Cyakto then did the same to Ginger. Ginger & Mary Ann looked worriedly at their now painted underarms as they were untied from the altars but before they could try and escape their hands were firmly tied behind their backs and each had a thick cloth gag stuffed into their mouths then a heavy metal collar with a chain attached was placed around their necks, Makati and Cyakto each grabbed Mary Ann & Ginger’s chains respectively and began pulling them along as they were forced to walk towards the jungle with the Elder leading the way and the rest of the tribe making up a jubilant procession behind the struggling and unwilling captives, both girls screamed loudly into their gags and tried to stop walking to halt the ceremony but this insolence was swiftly met with the women behind them quickly taking turns to spank their behinds leaving them with a stinging pain that made them soon give up trying to resist being led through the jungle.

After a jaunt through the jungle the crowd stopped at the edge of a thick quicksand pit surrounded by tress where Ginger & Mary Ann were separated and led towards their respective groups by Makati and Cyakto before the Elder addressed everyone
“SAH CU TO FILLA! JA KO HAAS TO-LI!” she pointed at Ginger while saying this making the reds cheer out. Both girls were visibly worried as they were lead to the edge of the quicksand by their groups. The collars and gags were removed but there was no way they could possibly fight through the crowd to escape, meanwhile half the reds and blues had walked around the pit to assemble on its far side
“Look, this is wrong. Please just let us go!” Mary Ann pleaded to the group but was ignored, she and Ginger looked up and saw an assortment of thick branches and planks tied between the trees directly above the quicksand then a red and blue from the group on the far side of the quicksand threw two thick vines over the branches which were caught by another red and blue standing near the Elder. After testing the branches and vines were safe and secure Ginger & Mary Ann’s wrists were untied and a vine was put in each of their hands
“KI TA HALUH KA TAHI-KALL!” The elder cried out and the group on the far side of the pit began pulling on the vines.

Ginger and Mary Ann screamed as they were quickly lifted off the ground by the vines in their hands until they were dangling over the quicksand like worms on a hook, both held on for dear life as their legs kicked around frantically to try and find something to hold onto but there was nothing they could reach! Once they were up in the air the far side group tied off the vines around the thick trunks of some trees and began cheering and chanting. Ginger and Mary Ann then noticed in horror that a Makati and Cyakto had begun climbing the trees to reach the canopy above their heads
“OH NO!” Ginger cried out as she noticed in horror the blue paint on her underarms was now fully exposed just as Mary Ann realized the same! Both girls tried to swing away from the approaching ticklers but there was nowhere to go to and the only way down would lead to landing in the quicksand pit

“AH! HA HA HA HA HA!” Ginger screamed as Cyakto reached her first, she had brought some large feathers which she was now running up and down Gingers bare underarms as she knelt on the canopy then less than a minute later Mary Ann’s laughter joined in as Makati hung over the canopy with one hand and used her nails on her ticklish targets. The crowd kept on cheering at this while the poor women continued to be tormented, both hated being tickled but neither wanted to give in and end up in the quick sand
“YYEEEAAAHHHHSSSSS HA HA IIIII KNNNOOOWWWW HA HA HA!!!!!” Mary Ann responded as she tried swinging away from Makati’s nails but wherever she went the tickling hands quickly followed.
“HA HA HA GEETTTT AWWWAYYYY FROOOM MEEE!!!!!!” Ginger screamed out as she tried futilely to move out of reach of the accursed feathers as their soft tips kept on gently caressing the smooth hollows of her underarms and driving her insane

After a while Cyakto stopped using both feathers at once on Ginger as she began to use a single feather on her right side and her own nails on the left. Ginger screamed at this double assault on her helpless body, her arms were getting tired and all she wanted to do was knock her tormentor away. Meanwhile Makati stopped tickling Mary Ann for a few moments as she held onto the branch and jumped over the side so she was now hanging right next to her, she then expertly wrapped her legs around Mary Ann’s waist to keep her still and used one hand to tickle while using the other to keep hold of the branch. Mary Ann tried to shake free but there was nothing she could do now, she was so tired and couldn’t keep this up for much longer, finally Makati released her legs from Mary Ann’s waist and again Mary Ann tried to swing away but before she could Makati moved in and cruelly ran her tongue along her helpless armpit
“ARRRGGHHH HA HA HA!!!! NOOOO GEEETTT AWWWWAAYYY!!!!!!!” she begged furiously as her tormentor continued licking away while also using the hand that she wasn’t using to keep hold of the branch to tickle her other underarm

Eventually it was too much for the poor girl and she let out an anguished wail as she finally let go of the vine and instinctively pulled down her arms for protection.
“HA HA HA HA TAHI-KAAAAAALL!!!!!!!! She screamed as she fell and a few seconds later landed in the thick sand up to her chest as the blue team cheered up at Ginger for winning the challenge. Ginger looked down at her defeated friend sadly but was glad it was finally over. However she then screamed as Cyakto suddenly leaned over the canopy and used both hands to tickle her underarms! Not expecting this surprise attack Ginger instantly let go and also landed in the quicksand up to her waist, she glared up angrily at Cyakto who was waving mockingly at Ginger with a mischievous smile

The tribe threw some ropes towards Ginger and Mary Ann who grabbed hold of them and they were then pulled to shore and helped out of the thick quagmire, Mary Ann was too tired to fight back as the blue team picked her up by her arms and carried her back into the jungle. Ginger however tried to run but was quickly subdued by various members of the red team tickling her all over leaving her a giggling mess and soon she was picked up and carried off in a different direction to where Mary Ann had been taken

Mary Ann was taken to a lagoon under a large waterfall, the natives tied her to some vines near the base of the falls and proceeded to take turns in slowly washing her to remove the dried quicksand stuck to her body while also taking turns to tickle her as well much to Mary Ann’s horror. Soon she was cleaned and helped back to shore where she was forcibly tied at her wrists to a thick branch hanging above her head while her legs were tied to several large roots sticking out of the ground. Then as the group began to dance and sing around her several of the women began gently applying scented oils to her willowy body, she shivered as they proceeded to cover every inch of her skin and eventually her whole body was dripping with oils then two woman approached and stood either side of her
“No....please....” she begged weakly as she knew what they had planned but they just began running their hands up and down her helpless oiled sides which allowed their nails to easily glide over her sensitive skin while made her begin laughing again as the tribe continued singing and dancing. Once it was finally over they untied her and she fell into the waiting arms of one of the strongest women in the tribe who easily threw Mary Ann over her shoulder and carried her off to the next location with everyone else dancing behind them

Meanwhile Ginger had been taken to a different part of the island, the tribe stopped on a beach and she was promptly tied down spreadeagled by 4 stakes that had been dug deep into the sand leaving her struggling in vain to get free, the tribe danced around her while two women used some small soft brushes to clean off the quicksand from her as slowly as possible all the while making Ginger laugh and scream at them but they kept on going. After what felt like hours they finally stopped and rejoined the main group making Ginger pray it was over but 4 different girls then sat all around her and began pouring scented oils all over her body which they began rubbing it into her skin making her giggle like a school girl! They spent what seemed like an eternity to ensure every inch of her lithe body was covered and once they had finished she was dripping with oil and glistened in the sunlight. They then began using a combination of their sharp nails and stiff feathers to tickle her ribs, underarms, stomach, thighs and feet. Ginger thrashed about like a wild animal but there was no escape from the damned tickling implements, she had no idea how long this continued for and only once they were done did they finally stop. Ginger she kept begging for mercy through her laughter, once tickling finally ceased they cut her bonds and tied Ginger’s wrists and ankles to a pole held on the shoulders of two of the tribe so she hung upside down like an old cartoon character with her back held up a few inches off the ground, they then proceeded to carry her back into the jungle

Ginger and Mary Ann were both brought to a large section of beach where they were greeted by the site of the elder standing before two holes that had been dug in the sand. The tribe then proceeded to bind them both with ropes that pinned their arms to their sides along with tying their knees and ankles together, they were then forced to hobble along the sand for a few steps before stopping near the holes where two large canvas sails had been laid out on the ground. They were each placed in the centre of a sail each which was then wrapped around them leaving them effectively mummified with only their heads and feet left exposed, more ropes were then tied around their canvas wrappings to keep them trapped inside. Both of them struggled furiously to get free but it was impossible and they were then each carefully lifted up and lowered into the two holes where the tribe began to chant and sing as sand was poured over them both. Soon they were buried deep in the sand with only their heads and feet sticking out as they began shaking around like mad as they knew exactly what the tribe had planned for them next!  They then became to scream for help when Cyakto and Makati knelt down by their helpless soles

Soon both girls were laughing and crying as their tormentors started tickling their feet with complete abandon, they both started with feathers tormenting the poor arches then Cyakto poured some oil over one of Ginger’s size 10 feet followed by raking a hard brush up and down her sole while Makati started to run her tongue all over Mary’s Ann’s smaller wiggling size 7’s in random directions. Both girls begged for any semblance of mercy but there was none to be had as the tribe continued dancing around to the spectacle of the helpless women’s laughter.
“HA HA HA OHHH NOOOO!!!!! PLLEEEAAASSSSE NOOOO MOORREEE!!!” Mary Ann begged as Makati’s used her tongue on one foot and a feather on the other which she would alternate between
“HA HA HA GEEETTT AWWAAAHHYYYY!!!!!!!!!” Ginger screamed as Cyakto held back her toes and swapped the brush for her own nails running along the oily sole of her own foot, due to her feet being larger than Mary Ann’s this allowed Cyakto to find more spots to tickle torture which she did with gusto, she then picked up a small seashell from the sand and began to slowly ran the dull points of it over the oiled foot driving Ginger to distraction
Ginger & Mary Ann were slowly tickled to the point of exhaustion as their ticklers showed absolutely no signs of slowing down or getting tired. Finally they could take no more and both shouted out at the top of their lungs together
“HA HA HA HA!!!!! TAHI-KALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few seconds later everything went silent as everyone looked to the Elder who looked back and forth at the two still giggling women, finally she nodded and spoke out
“KA SA OHNA KA-LI TO! SA DALAK KA TAHI-KALL!” and everyone cheered, Ginger and Mary Ann were dug out of their sandy prisons and carried off still tied in their canvas wrappings back to the alters where they had first been tickled, however now there were 4 alters. Once there they were cut free and promptly tied down again to the alters, the Elder approached them followed by Cyakto and Makati who proceeded to place a red and a blue lei of flowers around their necks causing everyone to cheer loudly
“Guess that means it’s a tie? Maybe they will let us go now?” Mary Ann said hopefully. Soon a huge feast began and despite being tied down the women of the tribe helped Ginger and Mary Ann eat and drink. Both prayed their nightmare was over but then the watched as Cyakto and Makati voluntarily laid down on the empty alters and allowed themselves to be tied down.

Despite most of the tribe still celebrating and eating others now would come and randomly tickle the four helpless women, sometimes there would nothing at all before a single person would walk over and start tickling one of them, other times a larger group of 4 of 6 women would tickle one or two of the tied women at once, sometimes it was only Ginger & Mary Ann being tickled and other times only Cyakto & Makati, all four women laughed, screamed and begged at their tormentors. This was all made worse by the fact that a large collection of tickling implements had been left on a table nearby including numerous feathers of different sizes and colours, containers of oil along with various brushes and shells, however the absolute worst torture device were the twins...

During a quiet period the pair who were aged between 18 and 20 approached the alters, both were beautiful with matching shoulder length brown hair and the same tribal tattoo on their right arm, each wore the same two piece swimsuit with one in red and the other blue.  First they walked over to Cyakto and Makati and proceeded to tickle the helpless women’s underarms, the ropes kept them held down fast despite their strong muscles so all they could do was take the horrible running of the nails along their helpless armpits, the twins then each held up a pair of feathers and despite the pleas for mercy from their fellow natives tied to the alters they slowly began running them along their sensitive sides. Finally they stopped and walked to their fellow tribe members helpless feet as both began begging for mercy
“HAHAHAH!! TAL AK OSUAK!!!!!!!” Cyakto screamed out
“HAHAHA!! PAK OS MALANA AKATI!!!!!” Makati also pleaded to the twins but they both ignored them and started tickling away, both women tried desperately to pull free of their bonds but it was no use, a large crowd had gathered and was enjoying the sight of their two champions being reduced to helpless giggling by these younger ticklers. After a long while they eventually stopped and both women crashed down too exhausted to even speak. The twins then looked menacingly to Ginger and Mary Ann making them both feel very nervous

Slowly they walked over towards the two “guests”
“Hi there, I’m Ginger Grant. Why don’t you untie us and I will give you each a personalised autograph?” Ginger said calmly trying to avoid anymore tickling, the twins looked at each other then grabbed some items off the table and began tickling their sides
“HA HA HA!!!! PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE NOOOO MOOORRREEE!!!!!!” Ginger cried out as the girl in blue started running a feather along her bare stomach and swirling it around her belly button before tickling her ribs and sides in an up and down motion
Mary Ann meanwhile had to content with her tickler in red digging her sharp nails into her underarms first then moving down to her sides before tickling her hips as well
“HA HA HA HA!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she called out to the other few islanders observing them but they just laughed among themselves at the spectacle and began cheering the twins on

Both girls coaxed on by this encouragement happily continued as they each began kissing the navels of the two tied women causing them to cry out for mercy, they even both shouted out “TAHI-KALL” numerous times for a break but to no avail as the twins kept on kissing them along with also using their nails to tickle other spots on their stomachs and ribs at the same time! Ginger & Mary Ann were screaming at this point and praying that someone, anyone one else from the tribe would relive these two terrors! However their prayers went unanswered as the twins walked over to their feet
“Oh no.....” Mary Ann cried out in worry
“Damn it! You brats have had your fun now let us go!!!!” Ginger screamed at them both but they just ignored her and spoke to each other before proceeding to tickle away

Both women couldn’t believe they could be tickled any worse than anything they had already suffered through but they were proven wrong as the pair expertly began to work over their helpless feet, Mary Ann’s tickler used a stiff feather on her heels and instep while Ginger had to contend with her tickler using her nails nimbly up and down her arches
“HA HA HA OHH PLLLEEEAAASSSE SSTTHHAAPPPP!!!!” Ginger cackled as she tried again to pull free of her bonds, finally the twins stopped allowing them a short break. Ginger and Mary Ann once more crashed down as Mary Ann noticed 3 new women had in the meantime begun gang tickling Makati, as bad as she felt at seeing her suffer this she also found it slightly poetic to see the one who had tickled her so badly earlier now suffering the same fate.

The respite was short lived however as the twins quickly untied their ankles but instead of freeing them they instead bound their ankles together and tied them down again despite Ginger and Mary Ann’s attempts to kick them away. Once they were secured again the twins then both walked over to one of the food tables of the feast and were collected some things before returning, they then began pouring pots of honey all over their feet making them both scream out as it slowly dribbled down their soles
“ARRRGGGHHH!!!! GEEETTT IIITTTT OOFFFFFF!!!!” Ginger begged while Mary Ann could only whimper as the honey finally reached their heels and began dripping onto the floor. The twins knelt down and took a long pause to ramp up the tension

“AARRRGGGHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!! Both screamed as the twins began running their tongues all over the honey covered soles lapping every sweet morsel
“HAHAHAHA NOOOOOO MOOORRREEE!!!!!” Ginger begged as she tried to thrash her feet about wildly but with her ankles tied together it proved nearly impossible
“HAHAHAHA OOOHHHH PLLLEEEAAASSEEE HAAAHHAAVVVEE MEEERRCYYYY!!!” Mary Ann pleaded as tears streamed down her cheeks and her head whipped around wildly. Once again the twins expertly tickled their poor victims to the breaking point as they kept licking away at the sweet honey then pouring on more once the ticklish feet were licked clean over and over again. Ginger would scream when her tickler would lightly nibble on her toes while Mary Ann found it worst when a tongue ran along her ticklish instep, at last the twins finally licked off the final coating of honey and their soles glistened in the sun from all the lickles. Both had lost the ability to speak coherent sentences by this point and could only get out one or two words such as “mercy” and “please” as they each prayed for this ordeal to finally end

As if to show this part of the torture was over the twins held up the jars and tipped them over to show they were both empty, Mary Ann couldn’t believe how much honey had been poured over her and Ginger’s feet before being devoured by these two. Meanwhile Cyakto and Makati’s most recent tickling session had just ended as well and they were both giggling messes, Makati had just had one girl stand either side of her to tickle her bare underarms while Cyakto had just suffered a merciless feather assault on her naval. Ginger looked through her teary eyes to the twins trying to see what they had planned, they were talking quality to each other and pointing at their weakened captives. Finally they returned to their feet again
“No more.......” Mary Ann weakly tried pleading again, she didn’t care if they didn’t speak English she just wanted this torture to be over
The girls spread open their toes and placed a plump grape in each gap between them
“Stop......” Ginger added meekly, she was too tired to fight back or even move her feet to try and make the grapes fall out, the twins each began lightly kissing their captives feet with small gentle kisses working their way upwards from the heels, if Ginger & Mary Ann hadn’t been tickled so much today they might have even found this nice but they were far too exhausted to enjoy this and all they could do was keep weakly laughing. Finally the twins reached the toes, where each one slowly and methodically kissed every single toe before placing it in their mouth and sucking on it, allowing their tongues to dance and swirl around it, they would then take the grape into their mouth using their tongues only before moving onto the next toe, time slowed to a crawl as Ginger and Mary Ann were forced to endure this new torture as they kept helplessly laughing. Once all the grapes and toes had been taken care of the twins popped both sets of big toes in their mouths where they kissed and sucked on them for almost five minutes when they finally released them and stepped back to rejoin the cheering crowd.

After this no new ticklers approached them, Ginger and Mary Ann were both now sobbing wrecks after all this, they had no idea how long this ordeal had lasted but they could see the sun was starting to get lower in the sky
“Ha ha.... Ginger, you don’t think they will keep us here all night do you?” Mary Ann asked worriedly
“I don’t know Mary Ann, I hope not!” Ginger said while trying to sound brave but truthfully she was just as scared as her friend of receiving anymore tickling. Soon the elder approached and said something to them both that they didn’t understand, she then threw some powder from her hands directly into their faces making them cough and a few seconds later they felt drowsy and were soon fast asleep

“GINGER WAKE UP!” Mary Ann screamed at her friend who awoke with a start, Ginger was shocked to find she and Mary Ann were back on the same beach they had been abducted from earlier, they were even wearing their original clothes again along with the lei’s from the other island. Mary Ann pulled her off the sand and dragged her by the arm to the edge of the water where she pointed into the sea
“LOOK!” she cried out. Ginger could see a small boat rowing away from the island towards a larger ship in the sea, inside it were the Elder, Cyakto, Makati and the twins all applauding and cheering at them
“HEY GET BACK HERE!!!!!” Ginger began shouting while jumping up and down “DON'T LEAVE US HERE ON THIS DAMN ISLAND!!!!!” but the women could not hear her and just continued waving until soon after the small boat reached the large ship and began sailing away until it was gone from sight. Both girls looked around and saw the sun had almost set now so they decided to just pack up their things and return to the campsite.

On their way back they agreed not to mention the incident to the others, the walk back took longer than expected as they were both exhausted. Finally they reached home, Ginger had never been so happy to see the straw huts before in her life, sitting on some bamboo deck chairs were Mrs. Howell and the Professor who was reading a book
“Hi girls! Welcome back, how was your tanning day?” he said jovially, the pair just looked at each other
“Oh you know, pretty uneventful!” Mary Ann said
“Yes, nothing to report!”Ginger added as she sat down and kicked off her sandals, Mary Ann meanwhile failed to notice The Skipper sneak up behind her who quickly tickled her ribs from behind
“GOTCHA!” he shouted as he did so
“HAHAHA!” Ginger squealed “TAHI-KALL!!!!” she shouted as she jumped away from him looking embarrassed
“Tahi-Kall?” The professor said peering up from his book “Where did you learn that Ginger?”
“Oh... I just made it up, why?”
“Oh? That’s interesting, you see earlier today I was reading about a tribe who used to worship a goddess called Tahi-Kall that roamed this area over 1000 years ago”
“Really?” Mary Ann said with interest as Ginger also listened in
“Yes, they were a tribe of voyagers who would travel from island to island to live on temporarily before moving onto the next one, each year they had a festival for the goddess Tahi-Kall where champions were chosen to be tickle tortured until they submitted, the winning group would then be in charge of the tribe for the following year”
“But why tickling?” Ginger asked
“They believed that Tahi-Kall thrived on the laughter of humans, she slept for the most of the year so when they thought she was awake during the time of the festival they wanted her to have as much laughter as possible. To be a contestant was considered quite an honor”
“Honor, yeah right!” Ginger grumbled under her breath
“Oh yes, in fact sometimes they were even know to kidnap natives from other tribes or women from sailboats if they were attractive enough for the ceremony”
“So where are they now?” Mary Ann asked
“No-one knows, there’s been no record of them of hundreds of years, most think they died out but some think they eventually integrated with society and still live among us”
“Brrr...Tickle torture, sounds positively dreadful!” Mrs Howell spoke up “My Husband used to love to tickle me when we first got married and I hated every second of it!”
Soon dinner was ready and everyone sat down to eat, after Ginger & Mary Ann spoke
“I hope we get off this island before next year in case they come back!”
“Yes especially as you would lose!” Mary Ann said
“Oh really? I guess we will have to just wait and see!” Ginger retorted although both wished they would never see the strange tribe again

Epilogue 1
“Well ladies that was a wonderful re-enactment!” the woman, also known as “The Elder” said to the assembled group of women as they sat down on their charter bus “I think we can all agree that the 250th anniversary of our ancestors Tahi-Kall day celebration was a huge success!” the group all cheered at this “And I think a special mentions goes out to our two youngest members Alamea and Alika” the twin girls stood up and took a bow to the thunderous applause. Soon the bus started up and was on the way home
“Man that was fun!”Alamea said to her sister
“Oh yeah, I wonder if we will be picked as next year’s champions!” Alika said enthusiastically
“No way sis, you know the champions have to be tied down and tickled by everyone at the feast, no way could I survive that!”
“Yeah I guess you’re right. Still it was fin though and those actresses they hired this year were great, they didn’t break character or use the safe words once! Did you think the redhead looked like that former movie star Ginger Grant? She even said it was her!”
“Oh yeah right, we found a missing movie star and tickle tortured her as part of our re-enactment! She was just an actress the Elder hired for the ceremony”
“Yeah I guess your right!”
Meanwhile Kanani and Makana AKA the champions Cyakto & Makati were watching the twins giggle among themselves
“Imagine the nerve of those two, tickling their own mother and aunt!” Kanani said angrily
“I agree, I think once we get home we should show them what it’s like to be tied down and tickled for the glory of Tahi-Kall!” Makana added with an evil smile

Epilogue 2
At the same time the tribe was boarding their bus two women were laying on a beach on Gilligan’s Island several miles away from where Ginger and Mary Ann had been kidnapped, one glanced at her watch
“It’s 5.00pm, I don’t think they are coming!” she said
“Is it really? I guess your right” the other one replied, both decided to pack up their stuff and leave
“Still, not a bad day huh Tina? We each get $2000 to stay here, get fake-kidnapped and tickled, plus the fact it didn’t even happen means we got paid for just sitting on a beach all day working on our tans! That’s gotta be the easiest acting job ever!”
“Yep Dawn, not a bad day’s work at all! I’m actually kinda glad since I hate being tickled anyway!”
“Oh yeah me too! I’d probably die if I was tickled for more than ten minutes!”
The two women put all their stuff into their motor boat and cast off, within the hour they would be back in Hawaii and civilization
“It’s a beautiful island really” Dawn said looking as they headed away from it
“Oh yes it is, though I wouldn’t want to live there!” Tina added
Both women laughed to themselves at the thought of this and headed home

The End
Ginger and Mary Ann meet the Tahi Kall tribe
Ginger and Mary Ann of Gilligan's Island fame run afoul of a sadistic tribe of female ticklers. Will they escape or are they destined to remain trapped forever?

Gilligan's Island characters belong to the shows owners
The Tahi-Kall tribe characters are OC's by MrObscura101



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